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Kingly supply an impressive and comprehensive range of jackets for the European, US and international markets.

All our custom jackets can be branded with your logo and made up using your corporate colours.

Coming to Kingly for your coats, you’ll have it wrapped in no time.

Choose from a range of designs which are fashionable practical and comfortable: we use the latest high-quality fabrics which are long lasting, breathable, functional and always stylish!

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Our customised jackets include padded jackets (with or without hoods) to combat the cold days of winter, and the padded vests/jackets, ideal in the early days of autumn or when a little freedom of movement is needed.

The jackets can be decorated in many ways, from sublimation techniques, heat transfer, customised embroidery on the jacket to different screen printing methods.

The finishing options are extensive and include hoods, cuffs, hems and zips in contrasting colours, as well as different types of laces, pockets and finishes.

Fabrics and insulation:

  • 100% laminated polyester adhesion, 180-200 grams/sgm
  • 100% polyester taffeta 70 grams/sgm and acrylic coating
  • 100% polyester and acrylic-coated cashmere, water-resistant finish
  • Sorento 50% Polyester 50% Nylon, 140 grams/sgm, Water resistant finish
  • Real 100% Nylon, 60 grams/sgm, acrylic coating, water resistant finish
  • Sofkana 100% Polyester, 125 grams/sgm
  • Oxford 100% Nylon, 100 grams/sgm, acrylic coating Water resistant finish
  • 100% polyester formula, 60 grams/sgm, acrylic coating, water resistant finish
  • Taffeta 100% Nylon, 70 grams/sgm, acrylic coating, water resistant finish

The minimum order quantity for customised jackets is 50 units. Production times vary from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the style and quantities ordered.

Kingly promotional jackets are selling more and more – they offer great exposure to your brand through a useful, high quality product.



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