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10 best-selling sustainably-made products by Kingly

Promotional gifts are a great way to boost brand awareness and leave a long-lasting impression. Also, they give a fantastic opportunity to strengthen relationships with clients and increase employee satisfaction. Sustainable promotional products are becoming more popular because they bring added value. Learn more about Kingly’s best-selling earth-friendly gifts and how they make a difference:

10. Jacquard woven towels

Towels make great promotional gifts. They’re practical and attractive, and the lucky recipient is very likely to use them more than once – most become firm favourites. So whether at home or on the beach, towels are strong marketing tools with a high perceived value, telling your customers that you care. Our range of luxury towels has something for everyone, all with the same high quality and excellent value for money. Learn more about BCome’s sustainability report here and read about the product here.

9. Printed velour towels

Kingly have you covered when it comes to printed towels. You can choose from an amazing range of products, all designed specifically to meet your needs. Like all of our promotional items, custom-printed towels can be designed for your exact requirements. They are ideal for very focused marketing campaigns or where a small production run is appropriate. Check out this product’s sustainability report on BCome here. Discover more by following this link.

8. Custom-made boxer shorts

Introducing the world’s most sustainably made boxer shorts. A bold claim but our accreditation and certification backs it up and proves our unique boxer shorts truly are the best in terms of sustainability. Unique EU-made “dual stretch” fabric composition made of 45% GRS polyester, 50% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 5% elastan. Extended USA-style boxer for additional comfort.

7. Custom-made cotton bags

Kingly are manufacturing Direct-to-garment (DTG) printed cotton bags with sustainable ink. These promotional products can be created with GOTS organic cotton for a better environmental impact. They are the perfect gift for any convention, trade show, or promotional event. You can now customize your merchandise in a compact share that represents your brand identity best.

6. Custom-made Aprons

Custom promotional aprons with your logo and brand identity are fantastic tools to boost your visibility. You can use them as a part of your corporate uniform or as an excellent corporate gift for your loyal clients, instead of a cap or a T-shirt that might not fit just anyone. Unleash your creativity and create excitement for your employees and clients. Personalize your promotional products with Kingly and leave a better environmental footprint with our sustainable fabrics and packaging.

5.  Compact T-shirt

T-shirts are some of the most popular promotional merchandise items and their value lasts for years. And compact, or compressed T-shirts add instant value. It’s amazing to see them expand and take on their natural unpackaged form! Kingly’s promotional compact T-shirts really create a buzz and build your brand’s visibility! Check out BCome’s sustainability report on Kingly’s T-shirts here.

4. Euro Cotton Crew Socks

Kingly’s Crew socks – that account for 65% of all Kingly’s sales – can also be created with Euro Cotton. This is conventional cotton from ethical producers within the European Union. Crew sock height can vary, though most are about 6 to 8 inches from the heel to the top of the cuff – as all socks are full custom knitted you can request that the height be modified. This is a full custom sock knitted in up to 6 colours. The knit design is more complex, with an all-over knitted design. Discover this product sustainability report by BCome here and follow this link.

3. Upcycled Cotton Socks

Kingly’s Crew Socks and Sports Socks can also be created with upcycled yarn. We empower our clients to visualize the amount of preserved water and energy, as well as the reduction of landfill space and carbon emissions. This is possible because of our sustainability calculator. Last year we helped our clients save an astonishing 34 537 442 litres of water and 128 908 kw/h of energy. The carbon emissions have been minimized with 52 886 kg and 5833 m² have been prevented from turning into landfill. These socks have been awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2020. Learn more about last year’s preserved resources here and about BCome’s sustainability report here.

2. GOTS Organic Cotton Sports Socks

Kingly’s classic sports socks are easy to distribute and are always well received. As standard, these are classic crew cotton-rich socks with a full Terry lining and reinforced heels and toes, for all-day comfort and durability. And they can now be created with GOTS organic cotton at any height and style to suit your preferences. Also, Kingly’s Sport socks can benefit from the Polygiene Stay Fresh Technology. Find out more about this promo product by reading the sustainability report by BCome.

1. GOTS Organic Cotton Crew Socks

Crew socks are the most popular socks on the planet. And Kingly is 1 of only 52 sock producers worldwide certified to create them according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Composed of 80% organic GOTS cotton, 17% eco-friendly regenerated polyamide, and 3% elastane, these products leave a better environmental footprint, as well as guarantee the well-being of our employees. And they have been awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2022. Discover this product’s sustainability report by BCome via this link.

Why Choose Kingly?

Kingly are one of Europe’s leading producers of sustainable socks, compact promotional textiles, and custom knitwear. We help our clients boost their brand visibility with earth-friendly corporate gifts that bring added value and long-lasting impression. By using a sustainability calculator, we empower businesses to visualize the amount of water and energy they have preserved, as well as the carbon emissions and landfills they have reduced with each one of their orders. Our anti-greenwashing validation system guarantees that our products are eco-friendly and underpinned by socially responsible and ethical employment – from fair wages to health and safety in production and supply chains.

We have created the world’s first zero-waste sock knitting facility in the heart of Europe. Following the great success of our award-winning green socks, Kingly launched full custom garment manufacturing with eco-friendly fabrics and GOTS-certified inks. We are second to none when it comes to our design service, fast production and prompt delivery. Every second request to our esteemed team of in-house designers turns into a promotional product with an eye-catching design. Through the power of video, we update our customers on the status of their orders.

Read this ESG News article about Kingly called “Fashion with a Conscience: How Sustainable Clothing is Changing the Game“. Learn about our zero-waste sock knitting facility here.

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