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Case study: Custom embroided socks and luxury bathrobe for Lorenzo Amoruso

Kingly are thrilled to announce a remarkable collaboration that seamlessly merges style and functionality. Recently, acclaimed photographer Giulio Aquilani and stylist Deborah Deh reached out to us with an irresistible proposition.

The Brief:

Our task was to design custom sports socks and an intricately embroidered bathrobe for an exclusive photoshoot featuring the former Italian football player Lorenzo Amoruso.

The Solution:

We crafted custom sports socks embroidered with a football and angel wings. They not only served their functional purpose but also made a sustainable and stylish statement. Taking the shoot to a new level, our luxurious bathrobe, adorned with the same design added an element of opulence and relaxation. Meticulously crafted, these bathrobes redefined comfort and style.

The Outcome:

Lorenzo Amoruso graced the shoot, infusing each frame with his charm and athleticism. His presence elevated the visual narrative, creating a perfect synergy with our custom creations. Giulio Aquilani and Deborah Deh orchestrated a visual masterpiece for the popular Italian magazine Novella 2000, capturing the essence of elegance and sport in every frame. The result was an authentic artistic celebration of craftsmanship and style.

The benefits:

Kingly’s promotional products not only met but exceeded the expectations of the photoshoot, creating added sustainable value. This collaboration was an authentic celebration of craftsmanship, professionalism and style.

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