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3 effective steps to building a more sustainable business

Sustainability is a word that is generating a lot of good buzz across industries that are traditionally linked to pollution and waste. Minimizing the negative impact on the environment has become one of the values that drive the success of many companies in the world. They gain the respect of their clients by creating eco-friendly products that make them stand out from their competitors because of the added value they provide.
Finding ways to become a part of the circular economy is now on the top of the list of priorities of many companies that eager to be associated with building their businesses on good practices. Moreover, according to a study by the University of California in LA, employees of firms that adopt sustainable practices are 16 percent more productive. So how do you build a business like that from scratch?

Step 1: Make sustainability a part of your cultural DNA

Your success with creating an environmentally responsible workplace will depend on your own core beliefs. If you genuinely believe in this cause, your passion and determination will help you engage more people to join you. Make sustainability a core value within the cultural DNA of the organization. Build a sustainability strategy together and don’t procrastinate on implementing it.
Start with small steps towards change and adapt to the situation. For instance, encourage people to use their own cups instead of using plastic bottles or cups for water and coffee in the office. Set recycling goals and reward the team when they meet them. An interesting fact is that Bank of America, one of the most profitable organizations that is thriving on innovation, pays $500 of an employee’s solar panel installation.

Step 2: Create a value proposition your clients can’t resist

Explore what are your clients’ most troubling problems and build your market strategy by providing valuable solutions that they won’t say “No” to. Search for patterns and channel your creative energy towards creating products and services that solve common issues when it comes to preserving the environment.
Some of the most forward-thinking companies have gone beyond the requirements of government regulations to find environmentally friendly alternatives to unsustainable business practices. For instance, Ikea is using ocean-bound plastics to make its products and Apple is using green energy to power its manufacturing plants.
You can also think about of how to encourage stakeholders to be a part of an ecosystem that they can use to thrive their businesses with the help of professionals that think alike.

Step 3: Constantly reinvent your company

Even if you can’t help but constantly generate ideas about how to make the world a better place, focus on one or two solutions. Don’t try to solve all problems at once, because you will easily lose focus. Never stop learning how to reinvent the way your company functions and how to provide more value.
At Kingly we introduced recyclable tins and compostable bags instead of our regular plastic bags that our socks and bespoke clothing come in. We did that to minimize the damage to the environment, because we realized soon enough that what goes around comes around. Microplastics – those small pieces of plastics that are polluting the environment, are in the water we drink and the food we eat.
We also use textile waste as a raw material resource, diverting it from landfill and incineration. We became less dependent on virgin materials and we save water and energy, reducing CO2 emissions and the use of toxic materials. Our upcycled socks that come in compostable bags won this year’s Promotional Gift Award 2020. And this is just the beginning because we are constantly innovating and reinventing our company.
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