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5 Christmas Packaging Ideas for Your Promotional Gifts

Embracing creative packaging solutions is the secret ingredient to adding a dash of excitement to your brandable promotional gifts this Christmas. Can you imagine our clients unwrapping an advent calendar with 3 custom-made pairs of socks, each door revealing not just a countdown but a piece of your brand’s unique story? The joy multiplies when your custom socks are transformed into sparkling Christmas ornaments by our transparent bubbles, bringing a shimmering delight to the season. Packaging Socks in eco-friendly recycled tins not only makes a statement about your brand but also contributes to a more sustainable world, creating excitement for the environmentally conscious. And let’s not forget the eco-friendly compostable bags, an embodiment of responsible gifting that fuels the anticipation of a greener future. Completing the package, FSC-certified boxes preserve our forests, igniting the spirit of eco-conscious giving. These delightful Christmas socks and creative packaging solutions infuse the season with warmth, personality, and a touch of magic, making your corporate Christmas gifts truly extraordinary.

1. Advent Calendar: 

When counting down to the day of Christmas, think beyond days. Kingly’s Advent Calendar with custom socks is a journey that reveals your brand’s tale with every slot you open. Step into a world where your brand’s message and the holiday spirit are perfectly combined with the enchanting design of our advent calendar. Socks are like a cozy, blank canvas waiting for your brand to paint its masterpiece. They symbolize warmth and comfort during the festive season. 

2. Christmas Baubles:

Elevate your custom socks into enchanting Christmas ornaments this holiday season with our transparent balls and personalized cards. It’s time to let your creativity shine and watch our Classic Crew Socks glisten, thanks to the addition of Lurex metallic yarn. But the magic doesn’t stop there: our neon yarn adds brilliant accents to the snowflakes and bells on our Classic Crew Thermal Socks. It’s not just a pair of socks; it’s a personalized masterpiece, a symbol of warmth, and a delightful holiday surprise. Get ready to make this Christmas sparkle like never before!

3. Socks in Recycled Tins: 

Explore our eco-friendly range of recycled tins for your cherished garment apparel. Imagine your branded socks packed in stylish tins, making a bold brand statement. These tins are 100% recyclable, contributing to the circular economy and reducing waste. Once opened, these tins become useful desk items, ensuring your brand remains part of your customers’ daily lives. Opt for recycled tins for your garment apparel packaging and make a statement about sustainability and practicality. Let Kingly help you contribute to a greener, more eco-conscious world.

4. Compostable Bags: 

Compostable bags, made from natural potato starch, offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags. They help reduce the environmental impact associated with plastic waste. These bags break down in approximately 8 weeks when disposed of properly, avoiding long-term pollution of landfills and ecosystems. Made with GMO-free and plasticizer-free materials, aligning with the preferences of environmentally conscious consumers. Kingly’s compostable bags conform to EN Directive 13432, demonstrating our commitment to rigorous European standards for compostability and environmental responsibility.

5. FSC-Certified Packaging Box: 

Did you know that every minute, an area equivalent to 36 football fields is lost due to illegal deforestation? It’s time to take a stand and protect our precious forests! Also, Illegal deforestation accounts for 50-90% of global deforestation.

Kingly are among the 30,000 FSC license holders committed to preserving forests for future generations. Our packaging materials come from 200 million hectares of FSC-certified forests, ensuring no illegal deforestation during production. By choosing FSC-certified packaging, you join us in making a positive impact. And we encourage all of our customers to choose only certified suppliers. Our FSC license number is FSC® N003506.

Bonus: Christmas-tree-shaped T-shirts

This festive season, don’t settle for the ordinary. Make a statement that truly shines amidst the holiday rush. We proudly introduce our compressed T-shirts, masterfully crafted in the whimsical form of a Christmas tree, designed to infuse an instant touch of holiday wonder into your celebrations. For those seeking a unique canvas to express their brand identity, we offer fully customized compact T-shirts that encapsulate the spirit of your business. These are not your run-of-the-mill giveaways – they are conversation starters that steal the spotlight and ignite discussions at conferences, festivals, and award shows. Opt for our GOTS organic cotton merchandise, and not only do you champion the environment, but you also unlock the potential for creating captivating designs with Direct-to-garment printing using sustainable inks.

Kingly are here to make your holiday gifting unforgettable. Let us help you elevate your corporate Christmas gifts into unforgettable experiences. Choose packaging options that reflect your brand’s values, warmth, and commitment to sustainability. Reach out to us here and create a memorable, sustainable, and heartwarming Christmas journey for your clients, business partners and employees.

While the order cut-off for scarves, beanies, and sweaters is October 24th, we have exciting news! Thanks to triple shifts and our fleet of machines, we’re producing socks at lightning speeds! For guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery, pivot to knitted socks. Discover 3 reasons why socks are the best Christmas corporate and promotional gifts here. Read successful case studies and sustainable tips here.



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