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5 of the best socks for your promotional campaign’s success

It may seem a bit unorthodox, but nowadays socks are surpassing traditional merchandise options like T-shirts and towels. In the past, they have been underrated, undervalued, and under-marketed promotional products but they come with hidden powers. Businesses that use them for their campaigns have phenomenal success when introducing new products or services to their audience.

Who doesn’t like a good pair of socks? But that is not the only reason why so many companies now choose them as corporate gifts. Unlike T-shirts, socks can be customized to fit most women and most men. It’s possible to create “one-size fits most” socks that are equivalent to size 39-44. And using the right technology means that these items really are comfortable for each and every size in that range. Likewise, choosing the right materials to create the perfect custom socks is essential. Comfort and softness, along with off-the-shelf design, make a huge difference when it comes to customers’ satisfaction. Here are some examples of the best socks that companies use for their advertising campaigns:

1. Upcycled Socks

Upcycled socks had instant success in the promotional market. Most companies Kingly works with were blown away by the environmental savings we can achieve together with this product. For instance, in one of their latest campaigns, Google had the chance to save up to 24 158 088 litres of water, as well as to avoid sending more than 10 000 kg of CO2 and 500 kg of other pollutants into the atmosphere. Corporate gifts like these bring a lot of added value to the company’s services and enhance its public profile.

2. Organic Cotton Socks

Sustainability is the future of promotional events. Leaving a better environmental impact is of real importance these days; forward-looking businesses do their best to make it a feature of their corporate social responsibility. For instance, a while back Coca-Cola focused on organic cotton socks for their promotional campaigns. One of the reasons is that if not recycled, these socks are biodegradable, so they create less waste for landfills. Last, but not least – these socks provide great comfort and softness.

3. Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks give you a more luxurious experience. They make great business gifts for wellness and spa resorts. We have also created therapy socks designed especially for people with diabetes – made either with bamboo or organic cotton. These socks lower the risk of developing loss of sensation in your feet, as well as the risk of decreased blood flow. Moreover, bacteria don’t like to live and grow in bamboo fiber, so Kingly’s bamboo socks are naturally antibacterial. Bamboo also absorbs moisture from the skin, keeping your feet drier and eliminating foot odor.

4. Recycled PET Bottle Socks

As we mentioned earlier, sustainability is becoming a buzzword in the promotional market. Many companies are trying to stand out from their competitors by channeling their energy towards solving major environmental and social issues. That is why they focus on promotional products that can represent their values. Some companies we work with already know that 3 PET bottles can be easily transformed into a beautiful pair of socks. Kingly also add 5% cotton and 3% elastane, as well as a pinch of Polygiene. This odor-control fabric treatment inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This allows you to wear the socks more while washing them less.

5. Neon Socks

At Kingly, we constantly enrich our eco-friendly line of socks and empower sustainability. We recently launched a new edition to our line – reflective neon socks made out of 100% recycled nylon (polyamide). The recycling process of polyamide is ecologically sustainable as it is obtained from waste raw materials in the production phase that, if not recycled, would have to be disposed of in a waste plant.

And for ‘stand out’ promotions, customized socks are a powerful tool. Marketing agencies, promotional companies, and retail brands can easily maximize their brand awareness with creative products that bring considerable added value. Also, they are a convenient and cost-effective way to win the hearts of potential customers, especially if attached to an eco-friendly cause.

Follow the link to discover more customer insights in our recent case studies. Don’t hesitate to contact us and request free samples: service@wearekingly.com. We can also provide a free design service to help you customize the perfect socks for your campaigns.



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