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5 of the most inspirational client testimonials

The abundance of positive testimonials we have received from our valued clients this year has been truly heartening. They reflect the essence of Kingly’s commitment to excellence. These testimonials are a testament to the strong relationships we’ve built and the satisfaction our clients derive from their experience with Kingly. Let’s delve into some of the remarkable feedback that has made the year 2023 so memorable:

1. Kingly are unbeatable in the context of sustainability

“It is lovely to hear your enthusiasm about your company and your product. It is shining through. And I like dealing with people who are enthusiastic as me about what they do”, shared Alan Hobbs from Wordflow during our first ever webinar on how sustainability is shaping the promotional industry.  Reiterating his confidence in Kingly’s sustainability, he also said: “When it comes to the products that you sell, I believe you are unbeatable in the context of sustainability. I genuinely believe that to be the case.”

2. Kingly look after you, nothing is too much trouble

Taylor Tassie from Totally Branded lauded our exceptional partnership, acknowledging, “Working with Rob, Kingly, John, the team – they look after you. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They pull rabbits out of hats. We have a fantastic relationship. We have worked with them for many, many years. Everything from bespoke-shaped custom T-shirts, socks. Now we are obviously moving into the garment side with them. It is a true partnership. Kingly, thank you!”

3. Great, fantastic product!

Katie Chedotal from Found on the Curb shared her enduring satisfaction, saying, “I came to the Printwear & Promotion show about 4 years ago. I received a sample of Kingly’s Crew Socks, and today – I still wear them. It is a really good product. No holes! Great, fantastic!”

4. Still wearing Kingly socks after 3 years

Vincent Theobald from Stitchup-Looksharp commended the longevity of our upcycled cotton socks, expressing, “3 years ago I got some of your upcycled cotton socks. Still wearing them today! No holes, a bit worn. Now I got more socks for the next 3 years.”

Witness these authentic stories in the video below:

5. Your socks are perfect for people with Diabetes and Psoriasis

Additionally, a visitor at COPIS International exhibition for print and advetising communications in Sofia, Bulgaria, shared a remarkable experience from last year’s samples, emphasizing, “Last year you gave us some samples. We tested them with a person who has Diabetes and Psoriasis. They said that the socks are perfect. He said he had never worn more comfortable socks in his life.” Discover more firsthand experiences in the accompanying video. Your satisfaction fuels our commitment to excellence at Kingly, and we are immensely grateful for these affirmations of trust and partnership.

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