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5 of the most successful Kingly partnerships and collaborations

Some of the most successful and impactful partnerships Kingly have built in 2023 are based on shared values, mutual respect, and a commitment to excellence. These collaborations go beyond mere business transactions, evolving into dynamic relationships that contribute to the success and growth of both parties. Key characteristics include open communication, innovative problem-solving, and a shared dedication to sustainability.

1. Polygiene Partnership:

In recent collaboration with Polygiene®, we distributed 560 towels to the children of the TSV Trudering sports club in Germany. Every towel featured the innovative Polygiene StayFresh™ odor-control solution, so they can be washed less frequently, reducing the amount of water and energy families consume. This is the impact of the collaboration which you can learn more about here.

  • 27% of carbon emissions are prevented  from polluting the atmosphere – this is equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions from driving a car for approximately 120,000 kilometers (assuming an average emission rate of 2.3 kg of CO2 per kilometer);
  • Skipping every other wash saves 134,000 liters of water a year – this is the amount of water needed for approximately 670 people to drink in 365 days (assuming a daily water intake of 2 liters per person);
  • Reduces annual energy consumption by 15,679 kWh – this is equivalent to powering a standard 60-watt light bulb for about 261,317 hours, or roughly 29.8 years (assuming continuous operation).

2. Social Enterprises Collaboration:

Kingly is committed to addressing environmental and social challenges. After the Socially Responsible Strategic Management Award  ceremony, we connected with Low Carb Factory and Labour therapy LTD. These are social enterprises focused on supported employment and labor rehabilitation for individuals with challenges. We extended a meaningful opportunity to assist Kingly in folding our FSC-certified boxes. These collaborations not only contribute to the preservation of forests and combat illegal deforestation but also ensure the safe arrival of your goods. With two successful projects already completed, a total of 10 500 boxes have been folded. Kingly is excited to further this collaboration, creating a positive impact through sustainable and socially responsible practices.

3. Gianni Rodari Private Kindergarten Partnership:

As part of the Kingly Upcycled Project, we organized a special event for children at the Gianni Rodari private kindergarten in Sofia, Bulgaria. Through sock puppet characters, we aimed to educate younger generations about the benefits of eco-friendly practices like upcycling. The characters that welcomed the children were created using defective socks and offcuts from our sock production. At Kingly, as a manufacturer, we use textile waste which is then transformed into yarn to knit our award-winning upcycled socks. Check out our sustainability calculator and discover how you can preserve water, energy and reduce carbon emissions and landfill with your next order of sustainable socks.

4. FSC Partnership:

Kingly stand against illegal deforestation and support the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Forest Week campaign in 2023. By aligning with FSC’s mission, we aim to showcase the importance of sustainable forestry solutions and contribute to tackling climate change and biodiversity loss. Did you know that every minute, an area equivalent to 36 football fields is lost due to illegal deforestation?

More than 200 million hectares of forest are certified within the FSC system. They provide 30,000 license holders, just like Kingly, with eco-friendly forest-based products.  Our packaging solutions are FSC-certified and you can verify our license number: FSC® N003506. This certification guarantees that our products are sourced sustainably and responsibly.

5. Italian Magazine Collaboration:

We are excited to announce our recent collaboration with renowned photographer Giulio Aquilani and stylist Deborah Deh. Tasked with creating custom sports socks and an embroidered bathrobe for a photoshoot featuring former Italian football player Lorenzo Amoruso, our solution combined functionality with sustainability and style.

These powerful alliances underscore Kingly’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and positive contributions to society. Nurturing these relationships not only drives our success but also inspires continuous improvement, setting the stage for even more impactful collaborations in the future. Our partnerships exemplify the enduring strength and positive trajectory of the Kingly brand.

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