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5 tips on how to personalize your promotional gifts

Businesses across the globe constantly have to run the extra mile to impress their clients and gain their loyalty. Sometimes creating a new product or providing impeccable service is just not enough. They also need to think about creative ways to create buzz around the brand. User-generated content is king these days, so giving away promotional products with eye-catching design and quality is these companies’ best move because they go viral on social media. Here are a few tips on how you can customize your promotional products in a more cost-effective and long-lasting way.

1. Choosing the right green product

Choosing the right product to boost your brand awareness is essential. You must consider your core values and incorporate your target audience’s needs and interests. You can never go wrong with choosing earth-friendly products as more and more end-clients are embracing promotional products with added value. In addition to our award-winning sustainable socks, Kingly just launched a line of garments exclusively created with materials that leave a better environmental footprint, accredited to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

2. Customize it in a compact shape

Compact or compressed promotional products add instant value and create a lot of buzz. They build an exciting experience for your clients as it is fascinating to watch them expand and take on their natural unpackaged form! Kingly can customize any promotional cotton towel, GOTS organic T-shirt or sustainable socks in a shape that represents your company best. Check out more than 100 available shapes on our website or request a personalized shape.

3. Unleash your branding potential

If you want to get jaw-dropping reactions from your clients and make your products viral on social media, you have to unleash your creative potential. Customize your product with your logo and an eye-catching design that anyone would love to wear. Make sure you customize the product to go with your brand’s identity.

4. Use DTG Printing or Embroidery

There are a million ways to make your promotional products special. To further customize your promotional products in a way that they represent your brand’s identity to the fullest, you can also create Direct-to-garment (DTG) printed designs with earth-friendly inks. Using embroidery to create your logo or a special message to your clients is also a great option when it comes to personalizing a corporate gift.

5. Insist on quality and consistency

Believe it or not, your clients will notice if the quality of your corporate products goes south. So don’t compromise on quality when choosing the right textile promotional gifts. It is better to reduce the quantity of the products you want to hand out than the quality. And note that people are more likely to wear your branded product longer if its quality is good. Be consistent, and you will never fail.

Where does Kingly come in?

If you need assistance with personalizing your promotional items for your business conference, or music festival, or giveaway campaign, then be sure to contact Kingly via the contact form on our website. Kingly’s in-house designers can help you personalize any textile product, so it can make a long-lasting impression. We make sure you get the best promotional products in the shortest amount of time. We help you get ready for your advertising campaigns on time, even when you are in a rush.

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