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7 Kingly donation campaigns that made a difference

Kingly believe in the power of business to drive positive change and make a meaningful impact on society. Our commitment to social justice and goodwill initiatives is deeply ingrained in our corporate ethos. We strive to go beyond traditional business boundaries, using our resources and expertise to contribute to causes that matter. Here is a recap of our most significant donation campaigns this year.

1. British Red Cross

Kingly extended support to the British Red Cross by contributing 150 pairs of specially-themed socks for the Guildhall Christmas Market. This festive gathering not only spreads holiday cheer but also raises crucial funds for the British Red Cross. Kingly is proud to play a role in supporting meaningful causes during the festive season. We managed to raise about 400 pounds that went directly to the charity organization.

2. Bulgarian Red Cross

Kingly has been closely following the developments of the Ukrainian conflict, and to provide support, a significant donation was planned for the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC). The donation included hygiene products such as soaps, mouthwash, body milk, and sanitizer gels from Kingly Labs’ product line, amounting to over 25,000 BGN. This marks the second donation to the Bulgarian Red Cross, supporting their nationwide campaign for war victims. With our first donation, we contributed with 365 towels to those in need. Learn more about the National Charity Campaign powered by BRC here. You can also dive into the incredible story of our Ukrainian embroidery expert Nelya who escaped bombed Kyiv during that time.

3. Sock donation for Ukraine

We also sent 80 pairs of assorted socks to Ukrainians – mostly Sports socks and Crew socks. This happened shortly after we received a request from Anni Mothes who had started a fundraising campaign in support of her friends in the attached country: “We are contacting you to ask for donations for Ukraine. Our friends are fighting at the frontline and are desperately short of socks. Yes, such a simple thing but it is so much needed, the conditions are so tough and they are freezing, ideally thermal socks or wool. If you can help us it would be much appreciated. We are currently saving up for a jeep which will be filled with donations from the UK. Men’s socks size 6-11”. This initiative moved us and we had to step in and help.

4. Earthquake Survivors in Turkey

In response to the devastating earthquake in neighboring Turkey, we extended a helping hand by donating over 300 pairs of socks to survivors who found themselves without shelter. This initiative reflects our dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of business. Kingly believes in using its resources and influence to contribute to the well-being of society, especially during challenging times. By providing comfort through warm and quality socks, we aim to offer a small but meaningful gesture of support to those facing adversity.

5. Good for Everyone Foundation

In a heartwarming gesture, Kingly donated 350 pairs of socks to the Good for Everyone Foundation, providing warmth and comfort to children and young people in need. The donation, received by Marina Kostova, the founder of the organization, reflects Kingly’s commitment to making a positive impact in communities. The foundation provides support for children and young people in need, extending warmth and comfort.

6. People with Disabilities

In addition to creating designs for exceptional promotional products, our graphic designers contribute to building a better world. Muki, one of the longstanding team members, initiated a sock donation campaign for the Two Mogili organization in Bulgaria, where her mother, Sevildzhan Umerova, has dedicated a decade of service. The donation of 100 pairs of festive socks from Kingly’s “Sparkle and Shine” Christmas collection brought joy to the clients of the center, emphasizing Kingly’s commitment to creating quality products with a positive impact.

7. Knit Warmth Campaign

Towards the end of December, Kingly made another partner happy by contributing to the Knit Warmth campaign. This initiative supplies crisis centers all over Bulgaria with beanies, scarves, and gloves and raises awareness about homelessness. Last year we donated approximately 250 pairs of our knitted Thermal, Sports and Crew socks as we know that these knitted items are a scarce commodity. This time our contribution consisted not only of 250 pairs of socks but also of several dozens of towels, as people living rough are often short on hygiene textile supplies. The donation was received by Milena Mileva (in the picture on the left) who initiated the campaign.

Kingly is dedicated to making a difference in various communities through these diverse initiatives. Our commitment to social justice and philanthropy remains a cornerstone of Kingly’s values, driving us to actively engage in initiatives that uplift and assist communities in distress.

Read more charity and inspirational stories here. Join our Facebook group called Kingly donate to those in need to follow all updates on our charity campaigns. Dive into our previous donation campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic. 




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