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Radostina Stefanova: When it comes to textiles, it is possible to switch to entirely ecological production

I’m pleased to have laid the foundations of many good practices Radina Stefanova is Kingly’s Laboratory Manager. For the last few months, she has helped the company implement many good practices and prepare for a SMETA Pillar 4 audit, as well as for a GMP22716, OEKO TEX and GOTS audits. She has extensive experience in

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Kingly Was Accredited With 2 ISO Certifications

A proud moment for Kingly as we are accredited with ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018. What do these certifications mean? ISO 14000 is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations (a) minimize how their operations (processes, etc.) negatively affect the environment (i.e. cause adverse changes to air, water, or land); (b) comply with

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5 Steps To Achieve Your Business Goals In 2021

Savvy business owners know that planning while expecting the unexpected is an essential component of success. Even though no one could have predicted the severity of the impact of Covid-19, the crisis does bring new insights and opportunities. And responding to lessons learned is fundamental to setting your strategic goals. Business goals are the driving

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Kingly’s Promotional Product Awards in the Time of Covid-19

At Kingly, we have been very fortunate this past year. Faced with many challenges, we’ve managed to transform our company in the time of the pandemic. We introduced a brand-new line of promotional products designed to suit our clients’ changing needs. We dared to be different. We stepped out of our comfort zone. As a

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Kingly – making it through 2020 to 130% increase in sales

A story of remarkable determination and success in the promotions industry 2020 has been a year like no other. With all the challenges and setbacks facing the world because of Covid-19, everyone at Kingly knew that our future depended on decisive action. Lead by MD Rob Armour, we flipped the entire business 1800. We re-appraised

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Top 2021 Promotional Product Trend For Boosting Brand Awareness

Sending socks by post is the new promotional solution During the pandemic, changes have been made in how promotional products have to be distributed to customers. Letterbox Friendly products are now the solution. They are defined as products that can be sent directly to a home address. This can happen via couriers or Royal Mail

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Kingly’s Donations of Hygiene Packs and Socks in 2020

It has been a stormy year for most companies in the merchandise industry. At Kingly, we managed to sense the change in consumers’ behavior early and had the opportunity to offer our clients better promotional solutions to match their changing needs. During the pandemic, we made crucial, innovative changes and introduced a new line of

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Top 10 most popular Kingly Blog Posts of 2020 – Part 2

Top industries Using Promotional Merchandise The world has been paralyzed by the pandemic threat for months. Soon it will be over a year. Economies are spinning, many companies are fighting to survive. Managers are trying to pull new tricks out of their sleeves to keep their clients loyal but the results are often shaky. However,

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Top 10 Most Popular Kingly Blog Posts of 2020 – Part One

Staying ahead of your competitors and keeping your loyal clients is a major struggle for a lot of businesses, especially now. Many firms still have not got to grips with the unintended consequences of the pandemic. Most are fighting on at least three fronts – or trying to grow market share, keeping their staff, and

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Top 5 Industries Using Corporate Gifts To Boost Their Visibility

The world has been paralyzed by the pandemic threat for quite some time. Economies are spinning, many companies are fighting to survive. Managers are trying to pull new tricks up their sleeves to keep their loyal clients and the results are shaky. In April, the World Trade Organization predicted that the world merchandise trade is

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