Top 5 Industries Using Corporate Gifts To Boost Their Visibility

The world has been paralyzed by the pandemic threat for quite some time. Economies are spinning, many companies are fighting to survive. Managers are trying to pull new tricks up their sleeves to keep their loyal clients and the results are shaky. In April, the World Trade Organization predicted that the world merchandise trade is

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Producing merchandise from textile waste reduces the environmental impact

The upcycled cotton that Kingly uses to create socks and sweaters comes from textile land fields. The textile waste is collected, divided into colors, cut into small pieces and respun without the use of additional water or dyes. This was what Dessislava Traykova, Operational Director of Kingly, said on the television show "In development" hosted by Veronika Denizova.

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Webmaster Fernando Jimenez lifts the curtain on our multi-language website

Fernando Jimenez is our tech go-to guy. He’s passionate about playing video games and watching videos about technology, computers and mobile phones. He has been helping us with some freelance work focused on administrating our various websites for quite some time. Now we are happy to welcome him to our office as a full-time Webmaster.

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World-renowned giants order eco-friendly socks from Bulgaria

Bulgarians do not concern themselves with weather the products they use are environmentally friendly or not Used clothing materials and other textile products are valuable material which should not be thrown in the land field. The Bulgarian-based company Kingly Ltd. knows that very well. We spoke to Robert Armour, Managing Director of the firm, about

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Miglena Koleva: I admire Kingly’s innovativeness and drive for success

Miglena Koleva is our Operational Accountant and has been in the company for a few months now. She is passionate about diving into the unknown and getting new experiences and knowledge out of every situation. Meggy, as we all call her, is also fascinated with the way Kingly Ltd. managed to transform its product line

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Francesca Cadari: Dauntless sock designer who loves to get lost

Francesca Cadari is the latest addition to Kingly's design team. She has a super fun personality and likes to splash a bit of creativity in every single thing she does around the office. She also enjoys getting lost in new places or seeing familiar ones with new eyes. Francesca, what was the thing about Kingly

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Alexander Grigorov: I like that we are a fast-growing company producing sustainable products

For a few months now we have had a new Warehouse Manager and he’s the bomb. Literally. Aleksander Grigorov has a bubbly personality but he’s also very punctual. Sasho makes no compromises when it comes to managing the production team and meeting deadlines. He has the superpower to make the impossible possible and even transform

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5 of the most profitable brands using promotional merchandise

Companies that gain billions of dollars never forget to surprise their clients Rebuilding your audience can be a tricky task, especially when you are recovering from the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Being unique when it comes to your value proposition is key if you want to stand out from your competitors. That is

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How intelligent use of promotional gifts leads to more loyal customers?

Have you ever wondered how successful, profitable companies stay that way? Do big, successful brands have such momentum that all they need to do is stay visible? Unsurprisingly, the real answer is multi-layered. It deserves unpicking a little more. Everything starts with a great product that does what it’s supposed to do, really well. The

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How to choose the right colors to build your brand?

How to choose the right colors to build your brand? If you’re building your business and employing a designer, you need to understand their ‘language’ and the concepts they play with on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean you need to be an expert yourself. But you need to know enough to understand how and

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