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Bloomberg TV: GOTS organic and upcycled products fascinate the world of corporate advertising

The corporate world is firmly embracing promotional products and garments created by using GOTS organic and upcycled textiles in their advertising campaigns. The demand is extremely high, said Rumen Yonchev, Key accounts manager at Kingly on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

However, most consumers are not aware of the origin of the materials used for the clothes and accessories they buy and wear on daily basis. The company’s goal is to help consolidate the new trend and educate its clients about the environmental and socially responsible benefits of using earth-friendly garments, Yonchev explained.

The fame of Kingly’s eco-friendly promotional products has already reached Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain and other markets interested in investing in sustainability and adding value to their merchandise products. Kingly has another idea of creating limited collections of upcycled clothes. This is simply an extension of the upcycled socks and sweaters production. “The advantages in the production of clothes from such materials concern primarily the protection of the environment”, Yonchev said and added: “Our idea is to make upcycled clothes that are created with textiles that are unnecessary for consumers on the market, giving them a new life without compromising the design or comfort of the garments”.

Last year alone Kingly helped their clients preserve astonishing 25 075 314 litres of water with their upcycled socks. Moreover, 93 592 kW/h of energy have been saved, the carbon footprint has been minimized by 38 397 kg, and we have prevented 4 235 m2 from turning into landfill. And this does not even include the orders combining upcycled and euro cotton or upcycled and GOTS organic cotton.

“Understanding the benefits for our children and future generations, we decided to redirect our initiatives to the production of clothes, giving them a new life”, the guest explained and added that the company is ready to create garments from clothes that have been thrown away. Kingly can use them as raw materials, create new patterns, resaw them and offer them as new products with added value to their clients.

“Most of our clients are based in Great Britain. We work mainly with the so-called promo market – mostly advertising agencies who collaborate with large companies in terms of developing their promotional campaigns. The idea to expand our portfolio of innovative, earth-friendly products was born because of the high demand for sustainable promotional materials. We have a great relationship with our clients in France, Germany, Spain and all other countries in Western Europe. In addition, we have quite stable partnerships with companies in the USA, especially those in the IT industry”, Yonchev stated.

Kingly are also 1 of only 52 sock producers in the world who have the GOTS Organic standard. In the past two and a half years, since their last appearance on Bloomberg TV, the firm has won many international awards for our sustainability efforts. They have been recognized as the most sustainable company by the Ministry of labour and social policy in Bulgaria. Kingly have been awarded 1st Place in the “Ecology” Category at the annual Socially Responsible Strategic Management Awards 2022. Previously, their sustainability and innovation efforts have been recognized with Promotional gift awards for Upcycled socks (2020), GOTS organic cotton socks (2022), Sustainable textile essencing (2022) and Clickable socks (2023). Their upcycled cotton socks and GOTS organic cotton socks have been shortlisted in the “Sustainable Product of the Year” Category at BPMA’s Product Awards 2022-2023, and they were Finalists in the “Marketing campaign of the year” category.

Read more about Kingly’s appearance on Bloomberg TV here or watch the video on their Youtube channel. Learn more about the Kingly Upcycled Project here and our zero-waste facility here



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