Kingly has been awarded the 2020 Promotional Gift Award for Upcycled socks in compostable bags.

UPCYCLED YARN is free of hazardous substances. It exceeds ZDHC and REACH Compliance.

Did you know that 1 kilo of cultivated cotton can use up to 20.000 litres of water?

With the upcycling process ZERO WATER IS USED! This truly is the most eco sustainable sock on the planet!

WE STOP WASTE AT THE SOURCE! We use textile waste as a raw material resource, diverting it from landfill and incineration. We become less dependent on virgin materials and we save water, energy, CO2 emissions and toxic materials.


  • Saved over 43.4 billion litres. TOXIC CHEMICALS. Saved over 3.2 million kilos.
  • TEXTILE WASTE. Upcycled over 2.9 million kilos.
  • RPET. Upcycled over 4.3 million bottles.
  • CO2 EMISSIONS. Saved over 61 million kilos.
  • ENERGY. Saved over 157 million kWh
  • LANDFILL: Saved over 7.3 million square metres.


These statements have been calculated through LCA work, verified by the University of Valencia and UNESCO. For more information, get in touch with Kingly today.



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