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Case study: French client saved energy to charge a smartphone for 41 years

Our Sales Manager for France Sabrina (in the middle) presented SAS Riondet Enterprises with a certificate of appreciation at CTCO 2024.

Kingly extend our heartfelt gratitude to our remarkable customers who chose our upcycled socks, contributing significantly to resource preservation. A special shoutout goes to SAS Riondet Enterprises for their remarkable order of 14,100 pairs of upcycled socks from us. Let’s delve into the environmental impact we’ve collectively achieved:

Kingly have helped SAS Riondet Enterprises saved an astounding 37,155 kWh of energy. That’s equivalent to charging a smartphone continuously for over 41 years!

Through their order, we’ve saved a remarkable 15,243 kg of CO2 emissions. This is comparable to the amount of CO2 absorbed by planting 241 trees and letting them grow for 10 years.

SAS Riondet Enterprises’ decision has resulted in saving a staggering 9,954,525 liters of water. To put this into perspective, it’s enough water to fill approximately 3.98 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Thanks to their environmentally conscious choice, we’ve saved approximately 1,681 square meters of landfill space. That’s equivalent to the size of about 17 tennis courts!

We’re immensely proud of the impact we’ve made together and deeply appreciate SAS Riondet Enterprises’ commitment to sustainability. Let’s continue this journey of positive environmental stewardship together!

We’re immensely proud of the collective impact we’ve made alongside partners like SAS Riondet Enterprises, and we’re deeply grateful for their dedication to sustainability. As we continue our journey towards a greener future, let’s celebrate these milestones and inspire further positive change in the world of sustainable business practices.

environemntal savings for ucpcycled socks

Watch the video below (in French) to learn more:

Discover how you can become a more sustainable company with your next order of upcycled socks. Check out our sustainability calculator which empowers our clients to visualize the exact amount of resources they will preserve. That’s not all – they can receive a special certificate that validates their contribution. 

Explore the possibilities of sustainable promotional merchandise with Kingly’s upcycled socks and contribute to a greener future. Discover more about Kingly’s clients’ environmental impact in 2023 here and learn about our sustainability calculator here.



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