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Case study: Sofia Live Festival and Kingly’s Sustainable Promotional Merchandise

Kingly has been dancing to the rhythm of sustainability for quite some time. Our partnership with Sofia Live Festival was music to our eco-conscious hearts.

Music festivals are all about the experience, the connection, and the memories created. But at Kingly, we believe they should also be about sustainability and responsibility. That’s why we joined forces with Sofia Live Festival to create eco-friendly and sustainable merchandise that resonated with festivalgoers.

Our T-shirts and tote bags were a hit at the festival the first time we worked together. They weren’t just ordinary festival promotional items. They were a statement of our commitment to the environment. They were also a testament to our dedication to responsibly sourced apparel and compostable packaging, as well as to our commitment to reducing plastic waste. 

The second time around, we created 4500 pairs of custom-made socks and 150 more T-shirts. These products, designed with care and a touch of artistic flair, allowed festival attendees to wear their love for music while also wearing their support for sustainability. They became a canvas for self-expression, where art and environmental consciousness met. And here is a testimonial about our socks from the organizer of the festival herself:


The festival became a stage where sustainability and music harmonized. It was a celebration of good vibes, great music, and responsible choices. Sofia Live Festival attendees didn’t just leave with cherished memories; they left with merchandise that symbolized a commitment to a better, cleaner planet.

At Kingly, we believe that music festivals should be an opportunity to raise environmental awareness and inspire positive change. Our partnership with Sofia Live Festival was a perfect melody of art, culture, and sustainability.

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