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Category: Business tips

How to tell if a promotional product is truly earth-friendly?

Clients put their trust in companies that share their values and strive to be environmentally conscious. That is why one of the most positive ways to boost your brand visibility is by choosing sustainable products that match your vision and mission. However, it is quite difficult to tell if the

The Power of People and the Mind

I came to the conclusion in my mind, that we all have the time of our birth and death written on our foreheads. Yet cannot see it. Time can be invisible, making our bodies and mindsets change incredibly, with unawareness of how powerful time is, and the understanding of what

5 tips on how to personalize your promotional gifts

Businesses across the globe constantly have to run the extra mile to impress their clients and gain their loyalty. Sometimes creating a new product or providing impeccable service is just not enough. They also need to think about creative ways to create buzz around the brand. User-generated content is king

BPMA recognizes Kingly for a Sustainable Marketing Campaign

Kingly are thrilled to announce that we are Finalists in the “Marketing Campaign of the Year” Category at the British Promotional Merchandise Association‘s Product Awards 2022-2023. There is no greater honour than to be recognized by our colleagues in the merchandise sector and we have to admit that this is

Top 3 sustainability tips on how to spot greenwashers

The number of businesses looking for earth-friendly ways to promote their products and services is rapidly increasing. Companies are riding the sustainability wave, having in mind the contribution of the apparel industry to today’s environmental challenges and the collective need of rethinking textile production and consumption. They expect high-quality environmentally

Kingly received the Socially Responsible Strategic Management Award 2022

Rob Armour, CEO and Founder of Kingly among other winners with the Minister of labour and social policy Lazar Lazarov during the award ceremony. Kingly received the Socially Responsible Strategic Management Award 2022 at a ceremony organized by the Ministry of labour and social policy in Bulgaria on December 22,

Take time to face your fear, let it become your friend

Fear is a fuel inside of us that restricts our power of pursuing our dreams. Fear can also be an empowerment of what is coming, that we need to be ready for. I have learned to live with lots of fear. For me, it has become a motivator. In fact

Top 3 reasons why socks make great Christmas promotional gifts

Custom socks are practical, personal, and memorable. They’re great promotional items. They are gifts that are always in order and stand out with fun designs and a strong brand identity. They are a great way to wow your clients who are tired of receiving pens, mugs and calendars every single


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