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Category: Interviews

Accounting team: Rob is very good at connecting the dots

His innovative ideas drive the business forward Tsvetelina Markova is one of our in-house accountants who was recently promoted to Administrative Manager. She is passionate about Phycology and self-development. Iveta Kirilova is the other accountant on the team. She puts her heart and soul into precise sciences. She also loves

Safeer Ahmed: Kingly is about to take off, 2023 will be a big year for us

The CEO of the company gives everyone freedom Safeer Ahmed is our Business Process Manager. He is invested in automating our systems and processes so the company can run smoother than ever. He is a passionate tech-savvy professional who loves sustainable fashion. He believes that Kingly is just starting its

Muki is one of our Graphi designers.

Muki Mehmedova: There is a story behind everything we create

Mukadis Mehmedova – Muki is one of the most creative, positive and devoted people you could ever meet. She is a part of our Graphic Design team and she handles every concept with extreme care. Her jaw-dropping ideas leave Kingly‘s clients speechless and we couldn’t be happier to have her


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