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Category: Spotlight

Case study: Custom promotional socks for MTV Music Week in Spain

One of the staunch supporters of the promotional product’s potency, particularly when it comes to socks, is MTV. They’ve wholeheartedly embraced the use of socks in their events, and one instance stands out – the MTV Music event in Bizkaia, Spain. Not too long ago, they faced a demanding 10-day

Top 3 sustainability tips on how to spot greenwashers

The number of businesses looking for earth-friendly ways to promote their products and services is rapidly increasing. Companies are riding the sustainability wave, having in mind the contribution of the apparel industry to today’s environmental challenges and the collective need of rethinking textile production and consumption. They expect high-quality environmentally

Kingly received the Socially Responsible Strategic Management Award 2022

Rob Armour, CEO and Founder of Kingly among other winners with the Minister of labour and social policy Lazar Lazarov during the award ceremony. Kingly received the Socially Responsible Strategic Management Award 2022 at a ceremony organized by the Ministry of labour and social policy in Bulgaria on December 22,

Muki is one of our Graphi designers.

Muki Mehmedova: There is a story behind everything we create

Mukadis Mehmedova – Muki is one of the most creative, positive and devoted people you could ever meet. She is a part of our Graphic Design team and she handles every concept with extreme care. Her jaw-dropping ideas leave Kingly‘s clients speechless and we couldn’t be happier to have her

Unpicking the thread of your organic socks

Seriously, don’t pick at your socks, but do read on to discover more about organic standards. Kingly lead Europe in the production of sustainably produced promotional merchandise. Our promotional products range from a huge choice of socks to suit every foot, to apparel to appeal to everyone – from towels

Kingly’s zero-waste socks knitting facility leads the way

A real story that’s more than just an old yarn… As we become more aware of these catastrophic negative impacts, we all have to look for more ways to reduce pollution, minimise carbon footprints and cut the waste this sector produces. Impossible? Not at all. Competitively priced fashion does not


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