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Kingly’s one of only 52 GOTS-certified sock knitters in the world

We, at Kingly, are happy to announce that Control Union Certifications has finished the review of our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification requirements. All conditions to award our company with a certificate have been fulfilled. There is no other GOTS producer with an office in the UK that has

An Update from Kingly Ltd

Europe’s leading producer of sustainably made custom designed socks. A message from Rob Armour, CEO. June 2022 Organisational changes and new senior staff are supporting re-vitalized customer service and long-term growth.  Rumour has it that at Kingly we’re a crazy bunch, working flat out, producing best quality custom designed socks

Busi and Kingly on a green mission

Italian sock knitting machine builder and Bulgarian customer join hands to bring good news for the planet and for consumers. Kingly has recently produced 34,000 pairs of socks with upcycled yarns on its new Busi Light MP machines. Busi Giovanni is upping its green credentials by collaborating with Bulgaria based

Top Winter Promotional Gifts That Will Wow Your Customers

Whether it is a promotional gift for employees or clients, merchandise is one way to break through all the celebration noise and push your new upcoming product or services. Here are our top picks for winter promotional apparel: Christmas Crackers At Kingly this year we teamed up to bring a

Crack This Holiday’s Promotional Gift With Kingly’s Christmas Crackers

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Snow, crackling fire, families coming together and offices becoming empty. It is the holiday season that everyone makes precious memories, which is the best opportunity to include your company in this experience with the branded Kingly Christmas Crackers. It is the

Kingly’s September Trade Shows

It has been more than a year since the pandemic happened and we are still going strong. Despite all the difficulties and restrictions, we followed the rules and successfully presented our products in over 7 trade shows in 3 different countries!  It is three months before august, 9 am in

Cheap Goods Can Cost Human Lives

Fast fashion isn’t cheap, the truth is that someone somewhere is paying for it with their health, maybe even their life.  According to the global slavery index during 2016 over 40 million people are modern slaves, a problem that is not talked about enough. The textile industry is a typical

Kingly’s Environmental Impact Is Now Measured By BCOME

Kingly’s eco-sustainable efforts are now measured by an all-new third-party validated Cradle to Grave sustainability platform. BCOME’s Impact Measurement evaluates the environmental impact of a product from the extraction of materials to manufacture, including the transport and packaging used, measuring the environmental impacts generated at each stage and aggregating them

5 Promotional trends that will outlive the pandemic

About a year ago we believed we could go back to “normal” once the global Covid-19 pandemic was over. Now we are living in times of economic insecurity and prolonged uncertainty, it seems we need to start planning and reshaping the ways our companies function to adjust to the “permanent

5 of the best socks for your promotional campaign’s success

It may seem a bit unorthodox, but nowadays socks are surpassing traditional merchandise options like T-shirts and towels. In the past, they have been underrated, undervalued, and under-marketed promotional products but they come with hidden powers. Businesses that use them for their campaigns have phenomenal success when introducing new products


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