Promotional Compact Towels

Promotional Compact Towels are towels compressed and packaged into eye-catching shapes to deliver high impact marketing or advertising. It’s creative packaging at its best.

Towels are favourite items when it comes to promotional gifts – they’re highly visible and long lasting.

And with the ability to press them into any shape we can double your marketing reach at the flick of switch. You get long lasting publicity and the novelty of the compressed towel is remembered and talked about too.


Because they are so long lasting, compressed towels are amazingly good value as promotional tools.

Once you have chosen the shape, our compact towels are jacquard woven or embroidered towels, compressed into your custom compact shape. Printed inlays are added front and back to show the product, advertising or other marketing message, then it’s shrink-wrapped. We use Cryovac shrink wrap film which is an environmentally friendly non-PVC film with a rich glossy finish.

Towels can be dyed to specific colours, printed with detailed designs and embroidered, all to ensure the towel as well as the compact packaging makes the best impression.

The choice of towels includes printed border towels, printed velour towels with edge to edge printing, and Jacquard woven towels. You see a full range of towels here.

There are many sizes available, including 30 x 30, 30 x 50, 50 x 50, 50 x 100, 70 x 140, 100 x 150 and 100 x 180 cm.

We carry a wide range of pre-designed compact shapes and we can also create your own bespoke shapes to identify with or mimic the real products that you sell.

Key to our success is the high quality of every part of the process – from top quality towels to carefully designed packaging. High levels of repeat orders tell us we’re doing it right. Time after time, our customers, and yours, are not just satisfied with the result, they are delighted!

Our compressed towels are all produced in Kingly’s EU factory to the highest quality standards, with lead times from only 15 working days.

Do you know our FREE design service?

To help with the creation of your design you simply send us the vector logo and draw out a sketch of the product. We will do the rest and supply an appealing design to pleasantly surprise your customer.


How to use

Simply remove the shrink wrapping, discard the cartons responsibly (they’re recyclable) and place the towel in water for a short while. It will quickly take on its natural shape. Remove from the water and dry.

Alternatively, just put it directly into the washing machine. It’s a simple as that!

Once soaked in water, or put through a washing machine, the compressed towel is unaffected by it’s time as a compact towel. Towel and branding have a 100 % ‘recovery’ from compression.

The many uses of a promotional compact towel

  • Ideal to magnify your market presence
  • Perfect for launching a new product, especially one linked with sports or leisure
  • Great for (post-Covid) conventions
  • Excelent way to ensure recognition by new customers

They are great on the beach or in the gym, where people are relaxed and respond well to brand recognition.

Other uses include:

  • Merchandising
  • Web site promotions
  • Business Gifts
  • Employee appreciation
  • Invitations
  • Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, Diwali or Eid al-Fitr, and make the most of Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and local celebrations

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