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Custom Sock Manufacturer

When it comes to custom socks, Kingly are proud to offer top quality and unbeatable choice.


Our production team is unrivalled, with great design skills combined with a detailed understanding of sock manufacture. With the latest sock knitting machinery and a dedication to quality, we are the sock supplier of choice to many well-known labels, as well as the producer of custom socks for global promotions.


Kingly’s custom socks come in a range of sock styles and types. As one of Europe’s leading sock manufacturers, we have something for every opportunity.


Our production team can handle any logo and the broadest range of colour
combinations. So if you’ve got a new idea for socks, get in touch. Not only do we love socks, we love a challenge too!

Socks by Type

A classic casual ‘sneaker’ sock, falling just above the ankle for comfort and style; also ideal for athletics socks and the regular runner.

A favourite athletics and general sports sock, the ¼ ankle sits about 2 to 3 cm above the ankle for an understated touch of style.

Our most popular sock, falling just below the calf. It has plenty of space for branding, or to make a statement with striped simplicity.

The classic dress sock, it sits exactly where the name says – available in fine knits to match, and in both traditional and novelty patterns.

Depending on sock type, a long sports sock, some cosy comfort or a real fashion statement – or any combination of the above!
Choose yours!

Socks by Use

A powerful vehicle for custom branding. Associated with leisure and quality down-time, the sports sock is the natural place for logos and branding.

Quality and style for every occasion, and the perfect opportunity for subtle custom designs to make a mark – real sock satisfaction.

Fun and comfortable – perfect for when a shoe just won’t do. Ideal around the home or for Yoga and Pilates to provide safety with freedom of movement.

Socks that go the extra mile for comfort and warmth. Experience that special ‘sock something’ with plenty of space for logos and corporate colours.

Comfort, practicality and elegance, all in one beautiful pair of socks. Great for promotions, uniforms and ‘thank you’ gifts – in a choice of styles and sock types.

Neon Sock

In a range of sock types, lengths and styles, fantastic footwear to keep you safe cycling and running, or just to make a stand out statement. Check them!

Diabetic socks are specially designed to keep feet dry, decrease the risk of foot injury,
and enhance the blood circulation.

Kingly’s Coolmax socks, with all over full-colour printed designs, are the perfect promotional products.

Odour-free treatment.

Eco-Friendly Socks

About our personalized socks

Good design is for everyone and good socks should be too. That’s why our custom socks combine all the essential elements of great design: the right materials, high quality, strict production values and, of course, comfort and good looks.

Only when we tick all these boxes are we satisfied – because then we now you’ll be satisfied too. So if you’re planning a promotion, looking for a workforce ‘thank you’ gift, or simply want some special socks, come to Kingly.

Kingly custom socks, for choice, quality and value.

How sustainable is Kingly?

We introduced a closed circular system in our company that utilizes upcycled cotton for the production of socks. This accounts for over 65% of our current production. In addition to that, we use, organic GOTS certified cotton. All packaging is FSC certified. We use compostable bags as standard for all sock bagging. We truly embrace sustainability. Kingly is accredited with the Smeta Pillar 4, IS0 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO GMP 22716 and GOTS certification. Most importanty of all, we offer transparency and traceability through the use of transaction certificates to prove the products are legitimate.

What is the minimum order?

150 pairs of the same design and size.

What are the production lead times?

This depends on the quantity and our production schedule. We will always confirm the exact shipping date once we receive your Purchase Order. Your order will be produced in 3 – 4 weeks for in-stock colour yarns. Please allow for up to 7 working days for transport throughout the European Union. For the USA, shipping is between 48 and 72 hours.

Which size of sock should I order?

With Kingly you can get the perfect fit for your feet. As all socks are full, custom knitted you can choose the sizes that best suit your needs by checking out our sock-sizing guide. If your socks are for give always then we recommend three options: 1. One size fit most 2. One size fits woman 3. One size fits man If only everything was this simple! If you need specific sizes, we can make it happen at no additional cost

How do I choose the colours for my personalised socks?

We offer a comprehensive range of over 160 colour yarns for conventional cotton socks. If you work with Pantone colours, we will do our best to match your colour in accordance to the best matching yarns in stock. The amount of yarn colours will vary according to the yarn type. For organic GOTS cotton socks, there are over 120 in stock colours. For Upcycled socks, its 10 colours.

I insist on Pantone dyed yarn. Is this possible?

Yes. If you require a special Pantone colour then we have to order it. This will take 4 weeks to have produced. Therefore, the production lead times will be a lot longer than using in-stock colour yarns.

Is a personalized printed sock tag or wrap around band supplied free of charge and its recycled?

Yes. Each pair of socks has a personalized printed sock tag or wrap around label. The price is the same if it’s printed in 1 or full colour. All printed socks tags and wrap around bands are recycled ecofriendly.

What is your standard free packaging for the socks?

A printed sock tag and individual self-seal bag is included. You have a choice between the standard transparent poly bag and compostable bag. We recommend the compostable bag, as it is the most eco-friendly type of packaging available.

Why is the compostable bag the better option?

It is the most eco-friendly socks bag in the market. It is a plasticizer-free and GMO-free thermoplastic bag derived from potato starch. It is milky in colour and has a nice sanitized feel to it.

Do you offer socks in boxes or tins?

Yes. There are standard in stock packages and full custom capability. Refer to our sections on sock packaging.

Are your design services free?

Always. We will send you as many free visuals that you require for the socks and tags.

What is your form of payment?

Swift payment by bank. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. Conditions of sale: 50% deposit on order confirmation and the remaining balance prior to shipment.

Do you offer credit?

Yes. Once you have done a couple of orders with us, we can offer credit facilities.

Do you supply the exact quantity ordered or do you do a 3% over/under policy?

The good news is that we supply the exact quantity ordered at all times. It is a policy of ours that we have successfully enforced. If in the event our Quality Control system eliminates socks, we will simply reproduce extra to meet the exact ordered amount.

Do I pay extra if I want more colours in the sock design?

No. The price is the same if the sock is knitted in 1 or full colour.

Do I pay extra if I have a complicated all-over knitted sock design?

Yes, you will have to pay extra but it is a slight difference in price. The reason being that the more complex the knit, the more yarn is required.

Can I order different designs in the same sock order?

Yes. In this case, you will have to send us your request indicating the quantity per design and the required sizes. From there we will send you a price offer.

How do you require my logo to be sent? What format is best?

We prefer the high-quality vector files if possible. File types are .ai, .eps, .jpg, .pdf and Corel. It is important to supply texts converted to curves.

Can you tell us about the ordering and production process?

You submit your Artwork/Specs/Quantities. We review your designs; produce mocks ups or physical samples and we send them to you for approval. You then approve the design we sent you or ask us to make modifications. We send you the Proforma for the 50% deposit payment. We then put your order into motion, updating you along the way. Upon completion of the order, we will contact you so you can pay the balance and then we ship the goods. We will send you the tracking details for your shipment.

Where are your socks made?

In our European factory based in Sofia Bulgaria, an EU member.

How can I check my order status?

We have a special-order processing system for the different stages of production. For each and every stage, we will update you with a progress report. If you are as impatient as we are, feel free to contact us at any time to check the status of your order. The final stage will be a shipping advice confirmation email, confirming the shipping date.

What about customs?

Throughout the European Union there are no concerns concerning customs duties or VAT. For our USA customers we have to ship from Europe to the USA whereby customs duties and other import taxes apply. But have no fear, as we simplified the process whereby KINGLY INC, our USA company takes charge of these import duties. Therefore, we simply ship from Europe to our USA customers without them having to get involved with customs clearance charges or anything else. To make things easy, our USA prices are all inclusive meaning transport, customs and all other charges are absorbed by us.

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