Welcome to our new range of tamper proof cans available in 2 standard heights and diameters with the option of adjusting the height of the tin.

  1. One pair of socks in a tin: Ref. KT01. Size: 73 mm diameter with a height of 110 mm.
  2. Two pairs of socks in a tin: Ref. KT02. Size: 99 mm diameter with a height of 110 mm
  3. Custom tins. Ref. KTC

Heinz just loved how their tin of baked beans had the ability to trick people into believing it is the real thing, when in fact there’s a custom knitted pair of socks inside!


Do you know our FREE design service?

To help with the creation of your design you simply send us the vector logo and draw out a sketch of the product. We will do the rest and supply an appealing design to pleasantly surprise your customer.


The tins shown include as standard a stylish ring pull lid with optional plastic over cap or lid.

ALL TINS ARE 100% RECYCLABLE. In fact, tin is in demand and will always find itself being collected and recycled into other tin products! Therefore, it is all good for the environment! At the bottom of the page, you can read more about tins and sustainability.

The minimum quantity order is from only 150 units.

Our industry leading turn-around times makes us the preferred choice for your promotional tins because wecan respond to the needs of your time-frame.

​We offer specialty finishes and closures for all label types:  gloss, matte, textured and crystalline varnishes top off high definition graphics with added flair.

Custom graphic labels can be used to accent single or multi-level embossing.

At Kingly we offer incomparable print and packaging quality.


The inherent qualities of tin and steel make it an excellent packaging solution for promotional products. Here are some advantages of tin and steel.

It offers convenient, protective packaging, allowing ambient storage for socks.
It provides an excellent barrier against water, oxygen and light.

What makes steel packaging sustainable?

Steel packaging is 100% recyclable and is one of the largest recycled packaging materials Over the past 20 years the recycling of steel has increased by 300%. Local government continues to adopt new collection techniques that will ensure optimum sorting and economic recycling for the foreseeable future.

The Benefits of Can Packaging


Tins are valued for their convenience and portability. Lightweight and durable, they are an ideal fit for active lifestyles – hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventures – without the risk of accidental breakage. Tins are ideal for promotional events – from stadiums, to concerts, to sporting events – where glass bottles are not permitted, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite pair of socks whenever and wherever they want.

Product Labelling

The larger surface area of tins, for example, offers more space to promote your brand with eye-catching graphics, attracting consumer attention in the store or at the event. The 360 degree wrap around label ensures that!


Beverage cans don’t just look good; they’re something consumers can feel good about buying. Metal packaging is 100% and infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled again and again without loss of performance or integrity. In fact, the can that is recycled today can be back on shelves in as little as 60 days.

Over the past 200 years human beings have had a love affair with tin cans. We no longer have to rely on breakable glass bottles or toxic lead solder


  • Tin and steel can products are up to 100% recyclable if disposed of correctly.
  • They are the most tamper-resistant form of food storage currently in use.
  • In 2006, a majority of steel cans used at least 28% recycled metal.
  • Recycling tin and steel cans can save Americans nearly $3 billion in energy costs every year.*

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