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Diversity and Unity at Kingly!

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest team members from Pakistan! While their time with us has been relatively short, they have already become an integral part of the ever-growing Kingly family. Our commitment to their well-being goes beyond the workplace. We have not only ensured that they have comfortable living arrangements and nutritious meals but have also taken proactive steps to facilitate their seamless integration into the vibrant Sofia community.

With this latest addition, our Pakistani contingent has now expanded to include eight dedicated individuals. They are fast learners, eagerly acquiring new skills, and working diligently on our Busi Giovanni and Sangiacomo machines.

Pakistani Lunch Outside the realm of work, we have taken the initiative to establish a Pakistani community group within Sofia. This provides our team members with opportunities for socializing, engaging in activities like cricket, and more during the weekends. This initiative underlines Kingly’s steadfast commitment to nurturing strong relationships and creating a sense of belonging for all team members, regardless of their backgrounds. Recently, we organized a themed lunch at Saffron restaurant where we had the chance to get to know our new team members better.

At Kingly, we firmly believe that diversity is a wellspring of strength. Our team represents a rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds, spanning from South Africa to Ireland, France, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and many more. Despite our diverse roots, we come together as one united family, epitomizing the true essence of teamwork. After all, it is in unity amidst diversity that a company truly thrives and prospers!

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