Francesca Cadari is the latest addition to Kingly’s design team. She has a super fun personality and likes to splash a bit of creativity in every single thing she does around the office. She also enjoys getting lost in new places or seeing familiar ones with new eyes.

Francesca, what was the thing about Kingly that attracted you the most? What was the “wow” factor that made you take the decision to join our team?

I made the decision to join the team because of the type of position I was offered. Even though I have a lot of experience as a graphic designer, it was the first time since I have arrived in Sofia that someone decided to hire me to design socks – it is so particular; you can be so creative. It is strange and challenging, but also fun.
Also, leaving a positive environmental blueprint is essential to me. That is a part of the reason I decided to come here. And with this kind of attention comes the attention to the quality of the materials that are being used. They have to be made in a sustainable way. Maybe they are a little bit more expensive but you are doing something for the future.

Very soon you will be participating in a training by Busi Giovanni – the world leader in sock knitting machines. Are you excited and up for that challenge?

I am not scared. I have to tell you that it is not my first time in Italy. (both laughing) And I am not worried about talking to them in Italian. It is a challenge because the training is not only related to new software but it is related to working with a new machine. But that is the part of the design most of the designers love the most – see your idea transforming into an object. This is exciting for me. You can touch something that a week ago was only exciting in your mind.

I know what exactly what you mean as I design garments as a hobby. Do you have a design that you want to materialize already?

I worked on a design for a client who has asked for pizza socks. I would like to try and make these pizza socks myself. Every time I have a request from a client, I have to make 3-4 socks proposals. That is the challenge. To find the right idea. At the same time, sometimes the clients don’t know what they want. They only give you their logo and they want to get Christmas themed socks. Sometimes that is better, sometimes it is worse – they give you the chance to be creative, they set you free but you can easily get lost.

What do you think are your strengths and skills as a person, as a professional that can contribute to Kingly’s line of work and quality assurance?

I am a team player. I am not the type of person who wants to do everything by themselves. I think teamwork is key. If I am doing something and it is successful, that is not just because of me. I might have had an idea but there will always be a team that will make it work in the best possible way in order to deliver a project – the production team, the IT, the Social Media Manager, etc. If the project is a huge success, it is not just my idea that wins. The essence is in teamwork.

Have you found someone you can rely on within the team yet?

Yes – two people. The first one is you. And the second one is another Kingly graphic designer – Muki.

What do you like to do in your spare time, what are you passionate about?

I like watching a lot of movies. Before the pandemic, I used to go to the cinema a lot. It is a whole ritual – the popcorn, the movies. One of the things I love the most is to gel lost. I love to explore unknown places. Even if I know a certain place very well, even if I have been there a thousand times, I like to see it as if I am seeing it for the first time. I love discovering things I have never seen before.
Most recently I got lost in Sofia in the area next to the National Theater “Ivan Vasov”, near the park. I just walked down the street to see where it will take me. It was nice to see everything around – the people, the children, the nose, the smells, the corn vendors on the street. And I love to walk into the little shops, not the big ones on the main street. I like the little ones that sell handmade stuff.

Originally you are from Torino, Italy but you moved to Bulgaria 3 years ago. Is the life in Sofia any different from life in your home town?

I don’t think in this century we can talk about difference. We can actually see how similar life is in both places. It has been similar even before the globalization. The other day I was talking to a friend about small towns in Italy. She told me that here, in Bulgaria, it is the same. People are people. Human nature is the same in Italy and in Bulgaria. It makes me feel me feel at home when I see something familiar. I am not talking about food or fashion. Something familiar like a dad who is playing with his children and a ball, an owner taking a walk with his dog. I can see this in my home town, I can see it in London, I can see it anywhere.
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