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Garment and Sock Knitting workshops with Brother and Busi Giovanni engineers

(Rob Armour, CEO of Kingly – in the middle – with Vicente Garcia and Jose Cipriano Cardona.)

Kingly has been through a lot of changes these past years. We were forced to change our business model during the pandemic. We had to shift our focus and dive into ambiguity. We also went through very turbulent times with major management changes. We expanded our vision and unfolded our creativity when it comes to our portfolio. And there is one constant that keeps all processes running smoothly – we never stop learning and adapting to change. In fact, ambiguity is our source of inspiration, it gives us endless possibilities.

As we are rapidly moving towards garment production, we invested in some Brother machines and invited two of their engineers to our zero-waste facility in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vicente Garcia and Jose Cipriano Cardona from Spain conducted a 7-day workshop for our team. Some of the activities that took place were assembling, setup and calibration the machines, staff training, troubleshooting, and implementing our creative ideas in real-time.

Even though they have a lot of experience with apparel manufacturing, the members of our Garment department had the chance to upgrade their knowledge and work with a Direct-to-garment printer, apparel drying tunnel, fabrics heat press, sewing machines, buttons machines, overlock, sock thickening machines, and many more. During the garment workshop, we created some of Kingly’s first GOTS-certified organic cotton T-shirts, DTG-printed garments with earth-friendly inks, aprons, etc. Later we also welcomed a trained professional that specializes in creating boxer shorts.

We also invited a sock engineer from Busi Giovanni — Miquel Albert Bonamusa, to help our sock-knitting staff get better results faster. As you probably already know, we knit our socks on the finest machines, created by the famous Italian brand and constantly collaborate with guest engineers from their company.

“I think that the training went well. I gained new tools that have helped optimize our work process. I really felt I got a lot out of the training — I truly appreciated it! It was useful for us as staff to look at another way of doing things. Special thanks to Rob who made it possible”, said Muhammad Usman ul haq, Head of the Knitting Department.

At Kingly, we believe that we are just touching the surface of everything we could achieve in terms of creating promotional products with added sustainable value. Join us on our journey and explore all the possibilities that working with Kingly can bring.

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