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How is sustainability shaping the promotional industry?

Sustainability may have started out as a consumer trend, but these days more and more businesses are embracing it as part of their core values. Going the extra mile to reduce the environmental footprint is essential for making your clients become advocates of your brand. And the promotional industry is now favoring eco-friendly gifts when it comes to improving marketing strategy, boosting visibility and creating long-lasting relationships with the clients.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • What makes a promotional product sustainable and how to spot “greenwashing” techniques;
  • What are the benefits of using sustainable promotional products;
  • How you can become a more carbon-neutral company with exciting promotional gifts.

Meet the panelists:

Rob Armour – Founder & CEO of Kingly

Businessman with 24+ years of experience in the textile and promotional products sectors. He has been driving sustainability through innovative green product development and dynamic management strategies. Under his leadership, Kingly have won 4 Promotional Gift Awards and have been recognized been awarded 1st Place in the “Ecology” Category at the annual Socially Responsible Strategic Management Awards 2022.

Rumen Yonchev – Key Accounts Manager

Sales Specialist with 15+ years of proven experience in a wide range of business sectors – banking, automotive industry, tobacco and spirits sectors, etc. He has been involved in B2B, B2C and Business Development projects for a myriad of international organizations, like GIS Global and KBC Group. He has also been a consultant for a Swedish-African non-profit eco initiative aiming to reduce water wastage and provide drinkable water to unprivileged groups of people.

Date: 04 September 2023
Day: Monday
Start at: 10:00 am BST (London time)

Registration is open until 31 August 2023 via this form.

Hesitant to join?

Every participant will receive a copy of our e-book “101 Uses of a Kingly Sock: A User Manual for the Sock Owner”. It is dedicated to repurposing and giving new life to old socks. Kingly have used a pinch of humor to spark curiosity and encourage readers to take action in a positive direction.



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