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How to tell if a promotional product is truly earth-friendly?

Clients put their trust in companies that share their values and strive to be environmentally conscious. That is why one of the most positive ways to boost your brand visibility is by choosing sustainable products that match your vision and mission. However, it is quite difficult to tell if the promotional products you choose are actually “organic” or “non-toxic”. The reason is that there are a lot of opportunists who use certification logos quite loosely. These strategies are known as greenwashing and it is important to know how to look beyond the fake claims.

Claims vs. Certifications

There are plenty of companies that take advantage of GOTS or OEKO-TEX logos without actually having the credentials. In a sense, they are trying to trick you into thinking that their promotional products are earth-friendly. When you hear a claim that seems too good to be true, you can simply ask to see proof. If the company’s accreditation process is transparent, they wouldn’t have a problem providing you with the necessary information. That is how you would know if you can put your trust in them and guarantee that your clients can get the best promotional gifts with a sustainability twist. As we are one of Europe’s leading merchandise manufacturers, at Kingly we have developed an anti-greenwashing validation system whereby we can provide various certifications for our eco-friendly promotional items.

Third-party audits

Trustworthy businesses often rely on third-party organizations to audit their practices and assist with further information about the sustainability impact of each product. Check the company’s website or the corporate gift itself to find out if it has labels that authenticate the origin of the materials used in the creation process. You can search for ISO 9001 / 14001 and 45001 certifications or SMETA Pillar 4 audits. All of Kingly’s earth-friendly products are also validated by BCome’s Cradle to Gate platform that empowers fashion and apparel businesses within the European Union. Discover more about our sustainability index here.

Social Corporate Responsibility

Do a Google search to investigate what are the initiatives that the business in question backs. Discover if there are mainstream media publications or articles in specialized magazines that show if the company is focused on reducing the negative effect of the industry or giving back to society. That is the only way to check if the business’s reputation and integrity are maintained or just the opposite – there are serious accusations against it. You can also look for specific data on how the company is contributing to preserving resources and saving carbon emissions in the production process. Check out more data on the amount of resources Kingly save with their upcycled socks here. Find out more about the company’s sock donation and hygiene products donation campaigns here.

Most of us are becoming quite concerned about the state of our environment. We are learning to make more conscious choices. And not only when it comes to our clothing but to our food as well. We are aware that we are overusing natural resources. And the problem is beginning to affect the planet that we live on. And it is important that we make sure to use only certified products. They guarantee a better environmental footprint and fair treatment of the people involved in the supply chain.

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