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Kingly celebrate Intenational Children’s Day with sock puppets and DTG printed gifts

Upcycling and sustainability are crucial parts of Kingly’s DNA. However, within the Kingly Upcycled Project, we wanted to find a way to reach out to more people and educate them on how we can all preserve vital resources. What better way to do it than to teach younger generations about the benefits of being eco-friendly?

In celebration of International Children’s Day, Kingly organized a special event for the kids from the private kindergarten “Gianni Rodari” in Sofia, Bulgaria. The kids and their teachers were welcomed by sock puppets created by our embroidery expert Nelya Moroz. The characters encouraged everyone to sing and dance.

“It takes a team of people working together to make something happen. Our designers create the image, our production managers organise the order. Our production workers make the product. Our transport manager sends it to the customer”, said Rob Armour who explained the importance of team play and respect. He emphasized the fact that it takes 20 000 litres of water is used to cultivate 1 kilo of cotton. The kids had the chance to touch a sprig of natural cotton and some cotton bobbins used in the sock manufacturing process.

The company founder also explained that in order to preserve resources, at Kingly we use textile waste which is then transformed into yarn to knit the upcycled socks. This is how we protect the environment. Moreover, the characters that welcomed the children were created using defective socks and offcuts from our sock production. We also repurpose access waste and give it a new life in the form of pillowcases and stuffing for furniture. “We do not throw away waste! We reuse it. We take something that is worth nothing and transfer it into something of a higher value! This is called upcycling”, Rob Armour added. Every kid had the chance to learn how to make a caterpillar from odd socks. They also had the chance to watch a video on how a sock is created and get a glimpse of our sock-knitting facility.

The kids also had the chance to see how a T-shirt is printed and even try to do it themselves with the help of Katya, our DTG expert. She explained we use sustainable GOTS-certified products and eco-friendly inks in the process. The T-shirt we want to print goes into the heat tunnel, and that way the picture cannot wash out. Then the kids received aprons to help their parents cook fresh and healthy recipes. Among the gifts that kids received were DTG-printed T-shirts and bags with our latest book that explains the 101 uses of a sock, and a leaflet with important information on what the kids have learned that day.

Kingly aims to continue the initiative of educating kids from kindergartens and schools, as well as their clients, about the importance of turning to sustainable alternatives to the most popular textile products. Our mission is to inspire people when it comes to upcycling and repurposed design. We also want to teach startups how to adopt best practices and how to operate sustainably on a larger scale.

Learn more about The Kingly Upcycling Project here. Discover our zero-waste textile facility in Sofia, Bulgaria by following this linkDiscover more about our award-winning upcycled socks here



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