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Kingly donate warm socks to “Good for Everyone” Foundation

We are thrilled to share the joyous news of Kingly’s recent donation of 350 pairs of socks to the Good for Everyone Foundation, extending warmth and comfort to children and young people in need. The donation was received by Marina Kostova, the founder of the organization, as captured in the picture below.

The Good for Everyone Foundation, established in 2022, has been actively engaged in numerous initiatives aimed at making a positive impact. Some of these initiatives include the donation of food products and essential goods to elderly individuals with minimal pensions and no close relatives, supporting struggling mothers with young children, providing books and toys for kindergartens and homes, renewing libraries with new books, creating computer corners in libraries for students in need, and participating in various educational programs.

The foundation has set commendable goals, reflecting its commitment to social welfare:

  • Providing material and spiritual support to those in difficult financial situations.
  • Supporting specific activities and programs of social, health, and educational institutions to aid individuals in unequal social situations, especially children and young people deprived of parental care, those in foster families, elderly individuals, and people with disabilities.
  • Supporting the education of children and young people, including awarding scholarships or one-time training aids.
  • Contributing to strengthening moral values in society, among other noble objectives.

Kingly takes immense pride in contributing to the noble mission of the Good for Everyone Foundation. Our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond this gesture, as we have previously donated over 3,530 pairs of sustainable socks and 2,200+ cosmetic and eco-friendly textile items to homelessness awareness charities and medical centers in Europe. Additionally, we’ve provided hygiene supplies worth over 26,325 BGN to the Bulgarian Red Cross since 2020. At Kingly, we believe in making a positive impact on the world, one thoughtful donation at a time.

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