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Kingly donation supports Pink House initiatives

Pink House donation by Kingly.

“The best thing you can give someone is a chance”. – Dario Fusato

Kingly is a company that’s best known for its sustainability efforts. Our eco-friendly promotional products are making a great impact; they are revolutionizing the entire merchandise industry. And even though leaving a better environmental footprint has been at the core of our development and growth, we admit to getting an unparalleled buzz when we are able to give back to society too.

There are so many causes we are passionate about and we never – not even for a second – hesitate to help those in need. Especially when it comes to the people who are most marginalized – the underprivileged, people with addictions, etc.

Last week, we paid a visit to the Pink House which is under the umbrella of the Center for Humane Policy. Currently, this is the last place in Bulgaria that helps people with addictions to survive. Their support consists of providing them free of charge with food supplies, the opportunity to get a shower and wash their clothes, and to get hygiene materials and medication. The center also provides psychological help to those who still haven’t made the decision to stop using psychotropic substances. It helps others to continue their HIV therapy, contracted using shared needles.

One of the clients of the Pink house loves to pose with our socks.

At Kingly, we know for a fact that clothes – especially when it comes to socks and underwear – are a luxury for organizations like this one. So, we’ve decided to donate approximately 250 pairs of sports socks and 150 shower gels from our cosmetics line. The clients of the center were pleased to learn they would receive the same top-quality socks that companies like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Oriflame  – and many more  – choose for their promotional campaigns.

Here is what some of our colleagues said about the initiative:

“All people need to be cherished and get cared for! Good initiative – will support with DMS donation”. – Rumen, Sales

“This is an excellent action” – Fernando, Webmaster

“I love this” – Lubo, Graphic Designer

This is the third time Kingly has provided support for the Pink House. At the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we donated packs with hygiene supplies, masks, sanitizer gels, and gloves, as well as lots and lots of socks. We later donated another package of socks and underwear.

Approximately 150 shower gels and some hand made soaps were also part of the donation.
Approximately 150 shower gels and some handmade soaps were also part of the donation.

The organization needs approximately 10 000 BGN per month to provide their services and help their clients. There are more than 300 people who have registered for this kind of support and at least 40 of them get fed at the center daily. With a help of Caritas-Bulgaria, they also take blood tests. If someone is infected with Hepatitis or HIV, the centre helps them get involved in therapy.

Want to help? The organization’s bank account is:

Foundation Center for Humane Policy


Bank UniCredit Bulbank – UNCRBGSF

Based on: Donation to the Pink House

PayPal at e-mail: office@centerforhumanepolicy.org

DMS PINK HOUSE at number 17 777 worth BGN 1 or a subscription donation via the DMS online page.

Take a look at a video from our first donation to the Pink house below (In Bulgarian). Don’t miss your chance to follow us on Facebook and join our group “Kingly donates to those in need” to learn more about our humanitarian efforts. Get in touch with us if you want to cover the story: community@wearekingly.com






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