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Kingly donation supports Ukrainian conflict victims

Empathy is a word used quite loosely when we talk about conflict victims. But do we really have the capacity to feel what another person is experiencing, especially if they have lost their homes, jobs, and loved ones? Kingly have been following the development of the Ukrainian conflict that started with the Russian invasion last year. And even though we cannot even begin to imagine the suffering and pain the affected party has suffered, we are always happy to give a helping hand.

At the end of last year, we started planning a major donation to Bulgarian Red Cross. At the end of this month, we managed to finalize all procedures and donate hygiene products like soaps, mouthwash, body milk, and sanitizer gels from our Kingly Labs line of products. We managed to donate more than 25 000 lv worth of products. In fact, this is the second donation we make to the Bulgarian Red Cross which launched a nationwide campaign in support of victims of the war last year. Learn more about our previous donation here.

From the start of the campaign until February 2023, the organization has been able to support 176 495 people in Bulgaria with initial food parcels, blankets, hygiene materials, medicine, and provide victims with financial aid. 15 trucks of 255 tons of food, blankets, hygiene materials and generators have been sent to Ukraine. More about the results from the Bulgarian Red Cross campaign here.

In 2022, we also sent 14 palettes of hygiene products to a low-key organization headquartered in Sheffield – Direct services. It is a community-based project that provides assistance to elderly & vulnerable people in care homes & private homes etc. We are grateful to our partners from Grange Storage Solutions that transported all the goods safely and free of charge.

Discover more about our donation campaigns by joining our Facebook community here. Learn more about our socks donations to the Pink House here and the Knit Warmth campaign here

Read about Kingly being included in an iconic COLF FEET sock installation about homelessness awareness here and listen to the BBC interview with the initiator Eleanor Fatharly at the end of the article.



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