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Kingly embraces Knit Warmth Campaign with socks donation

Good deeds and random acts of kindness are contagious. We firmly believe in that and hope to light the spark of hope across countries. And after being included in an iconic Cold Feet homelessness awareness art installation in the UK, Kingly made another donation that helps unprivileged people seeking shelter during the winter season. We partnered up with the creators of Knit Warmth campaign – There Is A Way Foundation* who supply crisis centers all over Bulgaria with beanies, scarves and gloves. We donated approximately 250 pairs of our knitted Thermal, Sports and Crew socks as we know that these knitted items are a scarce commodity. And this is only the start of a much greater partnership.

Foundation manager Milena Mileva explained how the initiative started more than 10 years ago. The organizers wanted to start a campaign that is not involved with fundraising. They wanted to create something from the people involved in NGO organizations to those struggling. And they didn’t want to include money in the equation because the cause was more significant than that. So they gathered a few volunteers and started knitting warm hats, scarves and gloves for homeless people. The media buzz that came with the start of the campaign was overwhelming to them. And now, so many years later, the interest in the campaign is still strong and the organization has coordinators in every big city in Bulgaria.

Kingly and the There Is A Way Foundation discussed various ways how to continue the partnership further. We are happy to share that we are already working on 2 new joint projects and we can’t wait to see how the cooperation unfolds, as we want to enhance 3 fascinating causes – linked to helping people in need, to taking care of stray animals and to boosting awareness about environmental savings.

Along the way, Kingly came up with a great idea. We decided that we will be impregnating our steamed-washed socks – or any other apparel we donate – with the Polygiene technology. That would allow people who are living rough to enjoy fresh and odor-free socks longer, as they may not necessarily have easy access to a facility where they can wash their clothes or have a shower. Treating their socks and clothes with this technology will go beyond its original purpose of saving resources, allowing clothes to stay fresh longer without washing. It would also make these people feel as if they are cared for and will also boost their self-esteem and confidence that they can get out of a difficult situation. This idea already wowed our partners at Polygiene and we are looking forward to many meaningful collaborations.

* The original name of the campaign in Bulgarian and the foundation it is organized by: „Изплети топлина“, организирана от фондация „Има начин“.

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