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Kingly have taken BPMA’s StepForward Pledge

Kingly are thrilled to announce our commitment to the StepForward Pledge, a sustainability initiative by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA). It marks a significant stride towards fostering a sustainable future within our industry.

As our sector increasingly embraces sustainability, Kingly are dedicated to transforming our operations and products in alignment with eco-friendly practices. By taking this pledge, we commit to enhancing our sustainability performance across three pivotal ESG pillars: Products, Planet, and People. You can read Kingly’s Sustainability Statement on BPMA’s Platform.


  • Source and Promote Eco-Friendly Products: Crafting and promoting items made from sustainable materials with a lower carbon footprint;
  • The Gold Standard for Sustainability: Adding more value to our Anti-Greenwashing Validation System by OEKO-TEX STeP® and EcoVadis accreditations;
  • Provide Our Clients with Sustainability Reports: Provide sustainability reports with water and energy consumption, as well as carbon emissions for our products;
  • Aggrandizing Kingly’s Sustainability Calculator: Empowering our clients to calculate energy and water savings, as well as reduced carbon emissions and landfills.


  • Launch Sustainability Trainings: Educate our clients, as well as our staff, by launching sustainability trainings, zoom meetings and webinars;
  • Celebrate Diversity and Equality: Support diversity and equality within the company by providing opportunities for career growth for all;
  • Create Safe Workplace: Providing a healthy, safe and secure workplace, including ergonomic workstations and healthy food options;
  • Initiate Donation Campaigns: Sponsoring community events and initiating donation campaigns that support international charities;


  • Tree Planting with Every Order: Plant at least 10 trees with every order to support reforestation and combat extreme poverty;
  • Improve Resource Efficiency: Reducing the use of water, energy, and raw materials by using more efficient production methods;
  • Upcycling and Repurposing: improving strategies to reduce waste by upcycling, repurposing and recycling materials;
  • Minimise Toxic Emissions: Selecting and using energy sources, such using low-emission vehicles and equipment;
  • Exceed Environmental Legislation: Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to Kingly;
  • Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Investing in renewable energy projects or reforestation efforts.

Transparency and Traceability

By signing the StepForward Pledge, we commit to annually tracking our performance in these areas until 2030. To qualify, we must have a published sustainability statement or plan to publish one, with guidance from the BPMA. This statement is crucial for improving our operations, reducing costs, staying focused on our goals, and avoiding greenwashing.

The Importance of the StepForward Pledge

In the face of climate change, both businesses and consumers are increasingly focused on their environmental impact. Also, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets are essential for delivering long-term benefits and business growth. Kingly are proud to be part of this initiative, and we look forward to making a meaningful impact on our industry’s sustainability journey.

At Kingly, we can prove that our products are sustainably made. Learn more about our Anti-green-washing validation system with all of our accreditations.

Did you know that we are the first company in our business segment to have our products evaluated by BCome‘s Cradle to Gate platform? Their methodology includes procedures that evaluate the degree of sustainability of Kingly’s products. It provides a 360-degree vision of sustainability, understanding that behind each product there is a universe of development processes with environmental, social and economic and ethical implications.

Kingly can provide sustainable reports for all of our best-selling productsThey give our customers information about our best practices when it comes to water consumption and minimizing carbon emissions. They can also find information about the total amount of km this product travels until it gets to the final customer. Our customers can even learn how many people are involved in the process of creating these sustainably made products. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with creative inspiration on how to wow your customers: serrvice@wearekingly.com




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