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Kingly included in an iconic COLD FEET installation about homelessness awareness

Leaving a meaningful mark into the world, as well as a better environmental future, and helping those in need has always been at the heart of Kingly. That is why it would come as no surprise that we wanted to contribute to an important cause. This time it’s linked to raising awareness about the struggles of homeless people in the UK.

A few months back Eleanor Fatharly, a creative writing student at the University of Lincoln, reached out to us with a fascinating idea. She wanted to create an art installation to talk openly about the homeless – people who are neglected by the general public and social policies.

“Between 2012 and 2018, there was a 358% increase in rough sleeping recorded in Lincolnshire. Due to homelessness being such a difficult thing to measure within statistics, we can expect the actual number to be even higher”, she says, and adds that every person who is living on the street has a story of which we know nothing.

We decided to help by donating some of our socks. These were included in her larger-than-life COLD FEET installation and later donated to help those who need them the most. The art installation was created with 150 socks that were hanging from the roof of the University of Lincoln from June 13 to June 15. A total of 500 pairs of socks from several companies were donated to YMCA Lincolnshire’s Nomad centre. For more info about the initiative, click here.

Eleanor’s request struck a chord, as at Kingly, we are keen to raise awareness about the struggles of homeless people. You even might remember that in 2020, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we also supported the Center of Humane Politics’ Pink House in Sofia, Bulgaria, with socks and hygiene packs for homeless people.

To find out about all of Kingly’s initiatives, join our Facebook group Kingly Donates to Those in Need. Drop us a line at service@wearekingly.com if you need creative merchandise solutions for your conference, music festival or corporate event.

Learn more about the project on BBC from the creator of the installation – Eleanor Fatharly: Cold Feet Project.



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