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Kingly partner up with social enterprises

(The picture is for illustrative purposes only as we are trying to protect the identity of the employees of both social enterprises).

Kingly is a disruptive, mission-led company that always searches for new opportunities. Whether they are linked to introducing innovative eco-friendly solutions or to giving back to society, our main focus is on solving important environmental and social challenges.

After the Socially Responsible Strategic Management Award ceremony at the end of last year, we had the chance to meet Daniela Peeva, CEO of Low Carb Factory, and Hristo Gantchev, CEO of Labour therapy LTD. Both social companies are focused on developing good practices with regard to supported employment, labor rehabilitation and the integration of people with various mental or physical challenges. In a nutshell, they provide those people with the opportunity to work and be productive members of society, and they educate businesses on the added value that such enterprises can provide for their supply chain. We instantly decided to learn more about their initiatives and if both of our ventures could collaborate.

Shortly after that, we visited them on-site and were amazed by the work they do, and how efficient the employees of the enterprise are. They create a range of products and consumptives either for chain stores or for hospitals and other facilities. The main message Daniela and Hristo want to send out is that social enterprises are not begging for sponsorships or donations. They want to partner with businesses and help them with developing new products or services. This is the only way to stop companies that import cheap products with bad quality instead of investing in local production. A network of businesses that collaborate with social enterprises can create a more sustainable supply chain and a more stable economy.

We decided to provide both enterprises with the opportunity to help us with folding our FSC-certified boxes. These not only help with preserving forests and illuminating illegal deforestation but also make sure your goods come in one piece. We were able to execute 2 projects already. The result is a total of 4500 boxes folded. Kingly are thrilled to continue the collaboration.

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