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Kingly Raises the Bar – Again

Social and ethical values underpin Kingly’s move to 24-hr production.

Kingly are already well established as a – probably the –  leading manufacturer of promotional textile products in Europe. And they have worked hard over the last few years to ensure their goods are produced sustainably and to the highest ethical standards.

Supply chains are monitored scrupulously to ensure strict adherence to the highest certifications and their own working practices and production methods are checked in the same way. Now, with a clear baseline for best practice, Kingly are making the next game-changing move, to 24-hour production

Kingly have recently expanded their production capacity by 200% and from mid-October 2022, will run their production lines 24 hours a day.

A complete game changer for the industry.

This round-the-clock manufacturing will start by 15th October with revised shift patterns that give the production teams an equal share of shifts and are in full accord with SMETA PILLAR 4 standards.

Kingly’s new patterns of production will revolutionise their ability to respond quickly to customer demand, placing them significantly ahead of the competition.

The industry standard turnaround for the production of custom knitted socks is approximately 6 weeks. Kingly have smashed that expectation. Now they are producing with a lead time from only 2 weeks*. Rush order fees will apply for urgent orders, as operating costs at midnight shifts and on weekends will result in higher operating costs.

Full accountability – socially

Our factory and offices already comply with SMETA PILLAR 4 audit requirements. SMETA stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. It scrutinizes the conditions of labour, health & safety, the environment, and business ethics.

Kingly actively uses the guidelines to work above minimum standards in every aspect of the business. It’s applying the SMETA PILLAR 4 framework to ensure that 24-hour production is managed so production teams are looked after well whatever their shift.

Rotating shift schedules has been shown to strengthen teams and expand the collective knowledge base. In the same way, no one ends up working only nights unless they choose to do so. Working a model of teams of  4 of 5 people over 24 hours means Kingly can use three shifts (usually 8 hours each) or two twelve-hour shifts, to provide 24/7 shift pattern cover. Staff welfare remains an equal priority with top-quality production.

Full accountability – ethically and for sustainability

At Kingly, social and ethical considerations are intertwined.

As well as SMETA PILLAR 4 compliance, manufacturing is based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management system, backed up by ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) and ISO 14001 (environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste).

In fact, waste reduction features highly in the world of Kingly, who now operate a zero waste sock manufacturing facility. You can find out more about this sector-leading process here.

And the raw materials that go into Kingly’s goods are also held to the highest standards, including GOTS certification for organic cotton socks. In passing, Kingly is one of only 52 GOTS certified sock manufacturers worldwide.

For Kingly, this holistic process to ensure sustainability is fundamental to its existence. All claims as to standards are backed up by certifications and the appropriate evidence is available on request.

Sleeping soundly

So, Kingly’s customers can sleep comfortably in their beds, while their orders are made overnight – probably faster, more ethically, and to better standards than is available elsewhere.

Using the best yarns, inspired designs and ethically produced raw materials, Kingly’s production facility has simultaneously grown to meet demand and proudly fly the flag for sustainability even higher.

* Important note: Socks production lead times for PRE XMAS orders now from 4 weeks plus 1-week shipping (except express production).

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