Kingly Ltd. is able to save up to 711 litres of water by creating a single pair of our award-winning upcycled socks that come in compostable bags. This means that if you order 150 pairs of socks, you will help prevent the waste of 106,580 litres of water. The environmental savings are calculated with an algorithm that can also determine the energy and harmful CO2 emissions savings, as well as the space that was prevented from turning into a land field with textile wastage. Did we catch your attention?

The company – which was awarded the prestigious Promotional Gift Award 2020 – is dedicated to helping more and more companies worldwide with creating sustainable corporate gifts that reflect their brand identity and objectives when it comes to social corporate responsibility. Sustainability is now a buzz word in the promotional world and upcycled socks are now a necessity in countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, USA and Canada.

Take a step towards sustainability! Ask our sales team for the minimum quantity orders and prices of our upcycled socks or upcycled sweaters, upcycled beanies, or upcycled gloves and scarves: [email protected]

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