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Kingly sponsored colourful socks for a kindergarten’s 50th anniversary

Kingly is Europe’s leading supplier of promotional gifts. We are also 1 of only 52 GOTS-certified sock knitters worldwide. We are used to working with companies who want customized merchandise for various advertising campaigns, business conventions, festivals, or employee satisfaction initiatives.

Occasionally, we get a request that melts our hearts. This time it came from Lilyana Nikolova – a kindergarten teacher who is friends with Liliya Noykova from Kingly’s Process Ordering Department. Alongside her colleagues, Silvia Kosacheva and Galiya Popova, she needed to organize a concert. She also needed to think of a fun way to make this day memorable for the kids. The event was meant to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of 12 Kindergarten “Liliya” in Sofia, Bulgaria. The teachers there work with children between the ages of 4 and 5 in the so-called 2nd “Forget-me-not” group.

We decided to sponsor some colourful socks for their celebration. However, on the day of the event, there was a varicella outbreak and the children had to be quarantined. So the children did a private show just for the parents a few weeks later, after the quarantine was over. The kids had a blast and we are thankful to have been chosen to be part of their concert with our customized socks.

We have to admit that we generally refer end-users to distributors we think they should work with. However, when it comes to small quantity orders, we would rather do a good deed and just do it pro bono.

Recently, we created 8 custom T-shirts for a charity in the UK called “Get Started”. The organization provides art materials free of charge for disadvantaged children. Kingly‘s small apparel sponsorship has saved the charity enough money to provide arts and crafts materials to a local youth group for 3 months.

Supporting charities that provide help to kids with special needs and disadvantaged people comes naturally to us. We have always worked hand in hand. However, we don’t necessarily always grasp that even the smallest donations can have an enormous impact on the lives of a single group. That is why we encourage you to give back to your community. The impact can be unimaginable.

Discover more about our initiative to educate children about upcycling and the special event we organized on International Children’s Day! Learn more about our donation campaigns on your Facebook group “Kingly donates to those in need“. Discover more about some of the charities we support – Bulgarian Red Cross, the Pink House and find out more about the Knit Warmth campaign and the COLD FEET homelessness awareness installation.































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