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Kingly stand against illegal deforestation by joining forces with FSC

Kingly are standing against illegal deforestation. We are embracing the Forest Week campaign powered by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This year, it will take place from 23 -29 September under the theme “Trust the Tree”. It aims to showcase the importance of sustainable forestry solutions. Alongside our partners and clients, we can make a difference in tackling climate change and biodiversity loss.

Did you know that every minute, an area equivalent to 36 football fields is lost due to illegal deforestation? It’s time to take a stand and protect our precious forests! Also, Illegal deforestation accounts for 50-90% of global deforestation. Meanwhile, more than 200 million hectares of forest are certified within the FSC system. They provide 30,000 license holders, just like Kingly, with eco-friendly forest-based products.

A whopping 80% of consumers who recognize the FSC logo are more likely to trust a brand that offers FSC-certified products. By inspiring our clients to choose FSC-certified products, we can ensure that our actions align with our commitment to preserving the environment. Our joint forces can have a huge impact on preserving the environment and can ensure a brighter, earth-friendly future.

But how can you be sure that Kingly is truly committed to this cause? Simple! Our packaging solutions are FSC-certified and you can verify our license number: FSC® N003506. This certification guarantees that our products are sourced sustainably and responsibly.

Join us in this noble cause and let’s create a greener, healthier future together.

Learn more about FSC Forest Week here, and explore our sustainable choices when it comes to logistics here. Discover our Denim Upcycling Project and how impactful it can be in preserving vital resources. 

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