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Kingly support people with special needs

Kingly is a company that always gives a helping hand to those in need. By now you probably know that we donate a substantial amount of our socks, towels and hygiene materials to charities in the UK, Ukraine, Turkey and Bulgaria.

Just a couple of days ago, we received a message from Dave Barton who runs a charity in the UK called “Get Started”. The organization provides art materials free of charge for disadvantaged children and people of all ages with special needs. He also explained that they are raising money for the materials and the course itself and needed 4 promotional T-shirts – with any design available – so he and his associates can raise awareness of their initiatives. For our part, we decided to sponsor their initiatives by creating not 4 but 8 T-shirts with their own logo free of charge.

“To be honest I wasn’t expecting a response, let alone kindness like this”, said Dave in one of his emails to us. According to him, Kingly‘s apparel donation has saved the charity enough money to provide arts and crafts materials to a local youth group for the next 3 months.

Supporting charities that provide help to kids with special needs and disadvantaged people comes naturally to us. We have always worked hand in hand. However, we don’t necessarily always grasp that even the smallest donations can have an enormous impact on the lives of a single group. And we want to thank Dave for reaching out to us. You can learn more about the organization’s initiatives here and help them raise money.

Learn more about our donation campaigns on your Facebook group “Kingly donates to those in need“. Discover more about some of the charities we support – Bulgarian Red Cross, the Pink House and find out more about the Knit Warmth campaign and the COLD FEET homelessness awareness installation.



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