A huge thank you to the team at Busi Giovanni in Brescia, Italy. Kingly’s team experienced an amazing training from the world leader in sock knitting machines.

Their machines are just packed with the latest knitting technology and five days of training is barely enough. But we’ve come away with some great insights into what these machines can do.

Our all-new sock knitting machines will allow us to produce designs currently unavailable at scale. With these recent advances in sock design technology, we will sell confidently into the premium market. Building on our continuing success to date, our goal is to become untouchable in terms of quality, style, comfort, and sustainability.

KINGLY Fine Knitted Socks will be the envy of everyone – we will be the world’s most desired brand of socks.

We’re delighted to have teamed up with Busi Giovanni. There’s no better partner for our journey of innovation and excellence.

Our Managing director and Operations director got certified for completing the 5-day training.

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Contact us today to make an order from a minimum of 150 pairs for design and size: [email protected]