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Kingly Transform Sock Knitting Offcuts into Practical Doorstops and Interior Decorations

Maintenance Engineer Stanislav Zapryanov (left) with English guest sock engineers Jonathan Pears (center) and Andrew Thompson (right).
Maintenance Engineer Stanislav Zapryanov (left) with guest sock engineers Jonathan Pears (center) and Andrew Thompson (right) from England.

At Kingly, we are committed to innovation and sustainability, continuously seeking effective methods to reduce waste and protect the environment. Our latest initiative involves repurposing offcuts from our sock-knitting production into practical doorstops and stylish interior decorations.

Kingly’s Maintenance Engineer Stanislav Zapryanov, alongside guest sock engineers Jonathan Pears and Andrew Thompson from England, spearheaded this innovative project. Leveraging our advanced textile compression machine — originally designed for producing compact t-shirts and towels — we have creatively transformed these offcuts into functional and inspiring products. By employing various shapes, we turn what would have been waste into valuable items for everyday use.

The process of repurposing

During the sock manufacturing process, small remnants of materials are produced. These offcuts include a blend of cotton, nylon, Lycra, elastane, polyester, polypropylene, and more. In most sock factories, these mixed-fiber offcuts would be sent to a landfill, as they are not recyclable.

However, at Kingly’s zero-waste sock knitting facility, we view these offcuts as resources with potential. By repurposing them into doorstops and decor pieces, we not only prevent waste but also add value to our products. This eco-friendly approach aligns with our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The next time you see a doorstop at our store, remember — it might have begun its journey as part of a sock. This initiative exemplifies our dedication to sustainable practices and our belief in finding purpose in every scrap of material.

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Watch the process of repurposing our sock offcuts in this video.



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