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Kingly: Zero-waste Textile Producer Launches Upcycled Project

Kingly are one of only 52 GOTS-certified sock producers in the world. We are also the first zero-waste textile company that creates sustainable products for the promotional industry. Our company just introduced The Kingly Upcycled Project which intends to retrieve textile waste not for recycling but for using it to create new products.

Production produces waste

During the manufacture of socks, small factory offcuts are produced. They’re a mixture of cotton, nylon, Lycra, elastane, and materials like polyester, polypropylene, and other fibers. It is impossible for these offcuts to be recycled as there is no way one can separate the different fibers. For this reason, they would typically go to landfill.

Offcut waste is now retained and re-used

However, based on our commitment to a better, cleaner environment, and in line with our ISO 14001 Environmental Policy, at Kingly, waste fibers are now retained. The leftover fibers find a new life as stuffing for printed pillowcases, furniture, and so on.

Resource preservation

Kingly already help giants like Google, Samsung and Coca-Cola reduce their environmental footprint. The demand for sustainable alternatives to the most popular merchandise products to save vital resources. Kingly helps Google save over 24 million litres of water that would have been used in a conventional manufacturing process. In addition, energy consumption is reduced by 90.168 KWh and the process prevents the use of 1,826 kg of pollutants. Kingly has also partnered with the developers of Polygiene, a technology that enables textiles to stay fresher for long, to reduce the frequency of washing and allow further resource savings.

Read more about Kingly’s zero-waste textile facility here. Discover more about their award-winning upcycled socks here. Contact our sales team at service@wearekingly.com to get information about all of our merchandise products.



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