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Kingly’s 3 Best-Selling Crew Socks rated by BCome’s Sustainability Platform

Crew Socks are the most popular socks on the planet. These promotional products account for 65% of all Kingly’s sales and are a perfect giveaway gift for promotional campaigns, business and art conventions, and music and dance festivals.

Crew socks’ height can vary, though most are about 6 to 8 inches from the heel to the top of the cuff – as all socks are full custom knitted you can request that the height be modified. Perhaps you would like the cuff to be higher for example? We can do it without any additional charge. This is a full custom sock knitted in up to 6 colours. The knit design is more complex, with an all-over knitted design. These socks can be created with 3 types of yarn:

  • GOTS Organic Cotton – Chemical-free, sustainably produced and processed;
  • Upcycled Cotton – High-quality reprocessed cotton. Provides significant savings in water, resources and pollutants;
  • Euro Cotton – Conventional cotton from ethical producers within the European Union.

Did you know all our socks – such as the bestselling Crew socks – have a sustainability score and are incorporated into the Cradle to Gate platform? The methodology of the sustainability index includes procedures that make it possible to evaluate the degree of sustainability of a product from four areas: Impact, Planet, People, Transparency and circularity. Follow the links below to see how our partners from BCome have rated our products.

Ref No KS04G: GOTS Organic Cotton Crew Socks – Not only the most popular but also the most sustainable socks in our collection. They are winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2022 and have received an “Honours score” on their sustainability platform. Read the full report here and find out more about our best practices when it comes to water consumption and minimizing carbon emissions. You will also find information about the total amount of km these products travel until it gets to the final customer. You will discover how many people are involved in the process of creating these GOTS socks.


Ref. No KS04U: Upcycled Crew Socks – With every order of upcycled cotton socks, we empower our clients to visualize the amount of preserved water and energy. As well as the reduction of landfill space and carbon emissions. This is possible because of our sustainability calculator. Last year we helped our clients save an astonishing 34 537 442 litres of water and 128 908 kw/h of energy. The carbon emissions have been minimized with 52 886 kg and 5833 m² have been prevented from turning into landfill. These socks have been awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2020. Find out the full report for this green product here 


Ref. No KS04: Crew Socks created with Euro Cotton – These types of socks are favored by most of the companies we work with. Even though they are not the most sustainable option we can offer, they still have a great eco index. They have 7,15 out of 10 when it comes to environmental practices within the production and 7,89 out of 10 points for social and ethical practices. Our partners from BCome have also given them 7,72 out of 10 points for tracebility practices and 7,90 of 10 points for closed- loop practices. Read the full sustainability report here

In addition to that, the socks have their unique OEKO TEX certificates. Click on the links to check the one for GOTS Socksfor Upcycled Socks, for Euro Cotton Socks. Our promotional socks are created in a zero-waste knitting facility. And we are 1 of only 52 GOTS-certified sock manufacturers in the world.

All our socks are produced in our European factory to the highest quality standards.

We are proud to be accredited with SMETA PILLAR 4, ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation, ISO 45001, GOTS, GRS and BCOME Cradle-to-Grave sustainability platform. All yarns used in the production of socks use Oeko Tex-certified materials. Our transparency and traceability are second to none and for this reason we are ranked as one of the most eco sustainable socks knitting companies on the planet. All certifications and available upon request.

Best part yet?  We will update you with the production of your order through the power of video. Please share your WhatsApp mobile with us for you to receive this unique service.  When you and your customers receive these videos, they will be pleasantly surprised by the fascinating content.

Our designers have a closure rate of 50% meaning every second request for a design results in an order. So please feel free to request this free sock design service.

Of course, it’s not just socks but the other products we offer such as compressed textiles, knitwear, apparel and earth-friendly garment packaging.

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