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Kingly’s CEO inspired rock stars at So Alive Music Conference

Rob Armour, CEO and Founder of Kingly, took center stage at the So Alive Music Conference, captivating musicians and industry insiders alike with his inspirational insights on upcycling and sustainability. The event took place between 19-21 October in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sharing the platform with notable figures like Dr. Mathew Knowles of Music World Entertainment Corporation and David Fricke, former Senior Editor at Rolling Stone Magazine, Armour’s presence added a touch of environmental consciousness.

In his presentation, titled “The Rhythm of Sustainable Change in Promotional Merchandise,” Armour explored the potential of eco-friendly choices within the music merchandise industry, emphasizing the positive environmental impact that these choices can have. Armour’s passionate commitment to sustainability was evident as he discussed how musicians, designers, and event managers have embraced the principles of upcycling and eco-friendly merchandise solutions. As he unfolded Kingly’s successful collaborations with MTV, singer Ruth Koleva, and Sofia Live Festival, Armour demonstrated significant strides in promoting sustainability within the music industry. These case studies were tangible examples of how musicians and industry leaders could integrate sustainability into their brands.

Additionally, Armour discussed Kingly’s eco-friendly Christmas offerings and innovative packaging solutions, illustrating that sustainability is not just a concept but a practical reality in the music merchandise world.

Explore our Christmas catalog here. You can now flip through the pages of our first published book “101 Uses of a Kingly Sock” here. Read successful case studies from MTV, Ruth Koleva and Sofia Live Festival.

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