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Kingly’s Clients Preserved Water To Fill 10 Olympic-sized Pools

Sustainability is a core value for all of us at Kingly. It’s a passion that we’re excited to share with businesses looking to make a positive impact. In the remarkable year 2023, we joined forces with 43 forward-thinking companies, collectively making 61 orders of our eco-friendly upcycled socks. Together, we’ve achieved something truly remarkable: preserving 26,832,455 litres of water. That’s enough to fill over 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools or quench the annual drinking water needs of approximately 143,726 people.

We’ve also conserved 100,150 kWh of energy, equivalent to powering an average home in the US for over 10 years. To put it in perspective, this energy-saving feat is akin to charging a smartphone continuously for an astounding 133,533 days or nearly 365 years!

The positive impact extends to our planet’s atmosphere as well. By opting for upcycled socks, our clients collectively reduced CO2 emissions by a substantial 41,087 kg. It’s like offsetting the carbon emissions from driving a car around the Earth more than 4 times!

Our commitment to sustainability reaches the ground — literally. With these eco-conscious choices, we’ve spared 4,532 square meters of landfill space. That’s equivalent to the size of about 1.5 soccer fields that otherwise would have collected textile waste.

Continuing our commitment to helping companies reduce their environmental footprint, Kingly is geared up for another year of impactful sustainability initiatives. We are adding antimicrobial silver salt to our socks*. This product will reduce the need to wash the socks that often and will keep them fresh longer. It is a win-win not only for the companies who want to become more eco-friendly but also for the end users who will preserve water, and energy and will save money. They will also gain confidence that they are making a step forward toward leaving a better planet for their children.

Discover how you can become a more sustainable company with your next order of upcycled socks. Check out our sustainability calculator which empowers our clients to visualize the exact amount of resources they will preserve. That’s not all – they can receive a special certificate that validates their contribution. 

Read an inspiring story about how we helped an IT giant preserve more than 24,000,000 litres of water with a single order here. Find our more interesting case studies here

Did you know that Kingly’s upcycled socks are winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2020? This product has been shortlisted in the “Sustainable Product of the Year” Category for the Product Awards 20-22-2023, organized by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), along with our organic cotton socks, accredited to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Moreover, Kingly are 1 in only 52 sock knitting manufacturers worldwide that are GOTS- and OEKO-TEX certified.

* GOTS organic cotton socks are excluded from this treatment.



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