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Kingly’s clients save astonishing 25 million litres of water

Kingly is on a mission to reduce environmental damage and preserve resources. But have never imagined that bringing sustainable products to the promotional market could be so impactful. And if it wasn’t for our clients and their trust in what we do best, we couldn’t have accomplished so much.

We have discovered that astonishing 25 075 314 litres of water have been saved with 48 orders of Kingly upcycled socks this year. Moreover, 93 592 kW/h of energy have been saved, the carbon footprint has been minimized by 38 397 kg, and we have prevented 4 235 m2 from turning into landfill. And this does not even include the orders combining upcycled and euro cotton or upcycled and GOTS organic cotton.

Can you believe we have generated these environmental savings together using upcycled yarn for personalized corporate gifts? There is nothing more motivating than seeing these numbers.

Want to be part of the solution rather than the problem? Discover how many resources you can preserve with your next order of upcycled socks by checking our savings calculator here.

If you want to make your business partners, clients and employees happy with tailor-made upcycled socks as Christmas gifts, you still have a little more time to place your order in advance.

Please note that we are now at the busiest time of the year. Production lead times are currently from 4 to 5 weeks plus shipping. Air freight shipping is from 48 to 72 hours. The standard trucking service is from 7 calendar days.

Learn how we helped Google save 24 million liters of water with a single order. Discover which billion-dollar industries use corporate gifts to boost their visibility here

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