Kingly’s eco-sustainable efforts are now measured by an all-new third-party validated Cradle to Grave sustainability platform. BCOME’s Impact Measurement evaluates the environmental impact of a product from the extraction of materials to manufacture, including the transport and packaging used, measuring the environmental impacts generated at each stage and aggregating them to obtain a final result based on the ISO 14044 standard.

The objective is to obtain a better understanding of the environmental impact, in relation to the emissions emitted, eutrophication, water consumption and waste management at each of the stages considered.

The methodology of the impact measurement index includes procedures that make it possible to evaluate the degree of sustainability of a product from four areas of impact: planet, people, transparency and circularity. It is built from a 360º vision of sustainability, understanding that behind each product there is a universe of development and processes with environmental, social, economic and ethical implications and that they must be treated with equal importance. The intelligent QR Code system validates and displays this Information!

It is all about transparency and traceability meaning rock-solid Information backed up by our certifications: SMETA PILLAR 4, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, GOTS, and BCOME Cradle-to-Grave sustainability indexing system. All yarns and materials used in the production of our apparel use Oeko Tex certified materials.

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