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Kingly’s September Trade Shows

It has been more than a year since the pandemic happened and we are still going strong. Despite all the difficulties and restrictions, we followed the rules and successfully presented our products in over 7 trade shows in 3 different countries! 

It is three months before august, 9 am in the morning and you walk into the Kingly factory. The excitement and rush are trying to break the walls. The overwhelming energy you feel is through the roof and what you see is organized chaos at its perfection. People are walking with an energetic step almost as if they are in competition with time. Stop. Take a moment and absorb all this driving power. 


When you feel ready you can go to the changing room and fully equip yourself with the correct gear to enter the lab. There you will find our awesome lab manager – Radi. The energy in the lab is completely different, you walk in and this wonderful smell hits you from the very diverse range of cosmetic products that she is developing and perfecting. The only thing you can do is stop resisting and dive into the experience.  

This is a small part of how our preparation for 7 trade shows went. We were a well-oiled machine that was grinding through time and small hick-ups. Everything was packaged and shipped and we were off to an adventure. 

The Shows 

The first stop was Belgium where our team finally launched our natural and organic cosmetic range that Radi created and it was a great success. At each trade show, we had our customers amazed with the feel, quality, and aroma of our products. The feedback even exceeded our expectations!

However, cosmetics were not the only thing we exhibited. The Kingly team showcased all our sock types including our current hit – the neon socks that glow, our knitwear, towels, compressed item, and much more. We were bringing smile after smile to our current and potential customers and we take a great deal of pride to announce that every single show was a BIG success that increased our sales. 

The Highlight 

One of our UK trade shows was the highlight of all the events. During the show, our team had sleepless nights in order to make everything to be pure perfection and due to this perfectionism, we are excited to announce that we achieved our biggest order yet! For now, we will be confidential about who our new client is, but we are extremely happy that they chose us – the brand you can trust. 

Final Words

Being a leader in the promotional merchandise industry is not easy, because our audience expects the top quality products accompanied by the best customer service on the market and we are more than happy to comply. That is the main motivator for us as well, the push we get from our customers, we transform into a drive that creates amazing products which bring smiles to people’s faces. 

About Kingly

Kingly is one of Europe’s leading producers of socks & bespoke clothing, promotional textiles, Creative Garment Packaging and Cosmetic products all underpinned by a rapid move towards sustainability. Considered by many to be the fastest and most reliable producer in Europe, we pride ourselves on an unmatched combination of price, quality and service.


Kingly offers an amazing selection of sustainable products backed up by our certifications: SMETA PILLAR 4, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, GRS and BCOME Cradle-to-Grave Platform.  All yarns and materials used in the production of our apparel use Oeko-Tex certified materials.


To get your hands on our awesome sustainable merchandise contact: service@wearekingly.com 

For press inquiries contact: community@wearekingly.com  



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