Awarded European producers of 100% custom knitted Premium quality socks.

If you love your feet and love the world too, you’ll appreciate the unbeatable comfort of Kingly Organic Cotton Socks!

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of custom-made socks, Kingly has a long-standing reputation for supplying top-quality socks as promotional merchandise. Importantly, we are also a market leader in organic cotton socks in Europe and one of only 52 GOTS-certified manufacturers globally. Our exceptional footwear is available in compostable bags, ensuring sustainability at every step.

Our organic cotton meets the stringent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), reflecting our commitment to responsible manufacturing.

We are meticulous about production and manufacturing details, equally prioritizing the social justice aspects of the GOTS code. Our holistic philosophy emphasizes ethical supply chains and responsible practices.

Our approach is reinforced by strict adherence to the SMETA PILLAR 4 Audit, covering business ethics, labor conditions, health & safety, and environmental care.

Certifications and Ethical Standards

At Kingly, we are proud to be one of the 52 certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) sock manufacturers in the world. Our dedication to quality and sustainability is reflected in our adherence to leading industry certifications, including:

OEKO-TEX: Ensuring our materials are free from harmful substances.

GRS (Global Recycled Standard): Certifying our use of recycled materials.

ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001: Standards for quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management.

SMETA Pillar 4: Auditing our business ethics, labor conditions, health & safety, and environmental care.

Advanced Eco Sustainability and Transparency

Kingly’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond certifications. Through the BCOME Cradle-to-Grave Sustainability Platform, we ensure full transparency and traceability of our products. This platform evaluates the impact of our products on the planet, people, transparency, and circularity from raw material extraction to final disposal. Additionally, our intelligent QR code system allows consumers to access detailed sustainability information about each product, enhancing transparency and consumer trust.

Lifecycle Analysis and Social Responsibility

Our comprehensive lifecycle assessment (LCA) methodology helps us evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire lifecycle. By adhering to the ISO 14044 standard, we assess emissions, water consumption, and waste management to minimize our environmental footprint. Beyond environmental efforts, Kingly is committed to social responsibility, supporting charitable initiatives and promoting a circular economy through upcycling projects. Our recognized sustainability efforts have earned us prestigious awards, including the BizX Award and recognition from the Bulgarian government.

Why Choose Kingly Socks?

Kingly’s attention to detail and production quality is second to none, combined with excellent value for money, making this an unbeatable proposition. There’s more:

•Low minimum order quantities

•Design service

•24-hour production capability with zero waste

•Made in the EU to exacting standards

•Easy import facilities to the US and the UK – and seamless delivery across the EU

•Ethical production, backed by the SMETA PILLAR 4 Audit for business ethics, labor conditions, health & safety, and environmental care

•Use of organic raw materials whenever possible

•Great customer service from our friendly team at the head office and our representatives in the US, France, and the UK

Slip on a Kingly sock to experience the difference. You’ll never want to wear anything else. This is partly due to thoughtful design and the best materials and partly due to the latest sophisticated sock knitting machinery from Busi Giovanni – the best sock knitting equipment available. This allows us to use multiple colors in our designs and produce seamless socks for extra comfort. We use the highest quality yarns and carefully sourced EU-produced organic cotton.

Kingly socks match your purpose perfectly – sophisticated and understated for formal attire, bold and captivating for leisure, and incredibly comfortable for sports. There really isn’t an alternative.

Kingly – the true King of custom-made socks!


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